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Working around an injury

Monday, July 15, 2013

It's not AWFUL AWFUL but I did hurt my wrist. I have a training appointment today and just texted my trainer that i'll need to swap making today a legs day, or I guess we can do core-work, or whatever he thinks I can do without destroying my poor wrist.

It's kind of funny though how I get frustrated if I can't 'work out'. I'm sure theres lots of other things he can give me that are wrist-friendly. At least I hope!

It's not an awful injury but it is definitely smarting. (My own damn fault too, Yesterday I was walking and didn't notice the sidewalk had a big crack in it and literally face-planted. Scraped up my knee bad, scraped my chin (thankfully omg no issues to my teeth, that would have been VERY BAD.) and landed hard on my wrist - hence... my wrist is smarting like a #$@& today, but nothing that I think I'd need a doctor for.

Really kind of interested to see what kind of a workout he'll give me though. I need to do SOMETHING haha

In the past I've had knee injuries, ankle injuries - those are infinitely worse... I mean if I can't ZUMBA then I am one sad TYGRLILY haha. I feel like a hurt wrist ranks very low on the injuries list because there still should be a ton of things you can do! (Knee has to be the worst!)

I'm just slapping my head like those "I should have had a V8!" commercials because here I was just the other day giving myself an extra rest day because I had bad DOMS and didn't want to risk injury - and here I go, face-planting into the sidewalk giving myself an injury anyways. Gotta love life's sense of humor like that!
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