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How to Get Creative with Workouts..don't Wanna lose Momentum

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just when I managed to finally get into a nice rhythm of working out/eating healthfully...I hit a little snarl.
Yesterday I had one of my great toe nails removed because it got all messed up due to some trauma or another that happened to it....
Anyways...First I'm choosing to forget the way it felt when the needles went into the toe to freeze it...TRES OUCH!! Was able to walk around just peachy for the hours after the procedure...on my frozen toe.

1 a.m. I came up out of my bed in pain.
Apparently the freezing is all gone. Had a heck of a time hobbling to get pain killers...
Can't imagine trying to do my shifts starting tomorrow, walking like this.
That also means....my hour long tread-milling...with incline...and long walks with fiance will have to come to a screeching halt for a time.
My favorite workouts all involve being on my feet...a lot!
Have to get myself liking the bike...and the elliptical...
Concentrate more on weight training for a few weeks??
Definatly can't go into a pool.

On a fun note....I recently got a roll of red dressing wrap from my vet...to wrap around my toe dressings...to hide the ugliness for my wedding day.
I plan on gluing little googly eyes to the ends of my toes to get some fun out of the way it will look. Red is one of our wedding colors:)
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    Luv it!
    279 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1734 days ago
    Thanks guys...I'm going to get a note for a few days off...I can't walk at the moment...crocs or no crocs. I'm kinda getting around the house "heel" walking. My next shift is tomorrow.
    I have to wait the 24 hours before I soak this dressing off...I can see blood seeping through already. That's about the time Owen gets home...he can help.

    And, yes Bine...we have bikes:) I have a stationery one in the house...just need to stuff a battery back in it. Plus...have two lovely outdoor ones.
    I guess boss will HAVE to deal with me and footwear that works for me...otherwise I'm on payed sicktime and they are paying others straight or over-time to cover my full-time shifts. I'm very expensive to have off...lol
    2846 days ago
    Ouch, Annette! What about Crocs? You may be able to find a pair that are loose enough that don't put pressure on your toes. My experience was that it hurt, to the point of throbbing, for the first few days, but keeping it bandaged, with antibiotic cream with painkiller, really helped. Soaking it helped too.

    And keep the rammy residents and their wheelchairs away from your toes!
    2846 days ago
    Hmmmm, I will have to think about that. What does the fiance think about biking/cycling instead of walking? Do you both have bikes?
    After all this is not just about exercise and burning calories but also about quality time for the two of you.
    Also for the shifts ... I am sure this is a special case that demands for sandals, I am sure your boss will understand, won't he? Just don't let anyone drive over your toes now!!!

    Get better soon! You are very brave! (Oh, and I still love the googly eyes idea!9
    2846 days ago
    If you have a note from your doctor they should let you wear the correct shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes at this time can cause major damage. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I think about the needles in your toes. Ouch!
    2846 days ago
    Ouch to the grand-kids stepping on your toes. I have to get my boss to understand my need for sandles...even though we aren't supposed to wear them working in a hospital.
    A thing that happens for me there...which is probably where the trauma first started...is that occasionally my toes get driven over by wheelchairs driven by rammy residents.
    I'll have to be vigilant about that!
    2846 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    Ouch! I had this done years ago, in the dead of winter, I worked for a cleaning company,I had to explain to customers why I was wearing flip flops .My nail kept ingrowing and the doctor said it would always. My two oldest g-kids lived with me and Kelsey all of 2 would manage to step on it at least once a day before and after, the pain was great. It was worth it, to have removed. Even though it is not suppose to grow back, there is a little piece that doe and it gets sore and I have to remove it. One day I will make it back to dr. I think your ideal of the red and eyes is great.
    2846 days ago
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