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If I was Rich...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


OK, you have just won a 700 million dollar lottery (!), which means after taxes (damn IRS) you now have about 350 million dollars to do with whatever you please. Anyway, allowing yourself here to be totally, as in 100% completely, self-absorbed, please list 10 things you would definitely do now for yourself. Keep in mind, the list does not have to be PRIORITY things to do or even the very first ten things you would do. These are just 10 things that might quickly come to your mind to do just for YOURSELF right after you have learned that you are now rich.

Have Fun!

1. Setup a trust fund for the kiddos.
2. Buy a Condo/House in HI
3. Buy a Tesla S
4. Setup a program to take inner city kids on international trips
5. Donate to local shelter and churches that house the homeless
6. Start a free meal program
7. Help my family and my friends out
8. Have a huge party on a tropical island with my friends.
9. Travel
10. Write a book or 10
11. help as many people as I possibly can.
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  • no profile photo CD14211691
    #7 if i ever got plenty of money would how i spend it emoticon
    2824 days ago
    I have think about this so more later!
    2830 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    10. set my son up in a home with a car and trust fund for life
    9. move up into the mountains so far that i cant be found/in a custom built log cabin, with all the amenities, pool, grotto, tanning booth, gym, movie theater, bowling alley and my own walking track around all the property.
    8. hire mick jagger to sing at my birthday party
    7. buy a yacht
    6. have eye surgery so i never have to wear glasses again
    5. have tons of plastic surgery
    4. write the great american novel and publish it myself
    3. set up a fund for dav to help rescue dogs
    2. pay off my student loan, i would save them for last after all other bills
    1. just go....travel the world the rest of my days and see all the places i can only now dream about....brazil, italy, russia. japan, and all of america, i would see the usa in a chevrolet, convertible camaro maybe.
    2849 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/31/2013 9:04:47 PM
  • no profile photo CD7658463
    I would love to have a home of my own. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just my own all paid for, one no one could take from me. If I could start there life would be so great. A little piece of land. Get my teeth fixed. It would be so fun to expand the list.

    Great blog.
    2850 days ago
  • WARRIOR11209
    Here are my 10

    1. Pay off all of my debt
    2. Set up trust funds for my children
    3. Go to college full time
    4. Give money to close family and friends to make their dreams come true
    5. Fund the church that feeds the homeless near my job so that they can expand their program.
    6. Establish a complex for families with children who are homeless so that no child in the area would have to live in a car when their parents lose their job.
    7. Donate money to the community college that I am attending so they can offer more scholarships to older students
    8. Spend 1 month traveling with my best friend
    9. By a modest condo
    10. By an annual family membership to my gym

    Thanks for the chance to dream..now back to work - lol
    2854 days ago
    I keep dreaming about this. Here are my top 10 things. I would do other things as well.

    1. Pay off credit cards.
    2. Buy a car for me and a few other people.
    3. Buy some land and build my own house and craft building and fitness area.
    4. Get dental work done.
    5. Get a personal trainer.
    6. Donate to a couple of churches and Christian websites.
    7. Travel.
    8. Start a trust fund for my son.
    9. Enjoy life and have parties on a beach.
    10. Have a stock pile of food and cleaning supplies.
    2855 days ago
    I had subscribed to your blogs, but somehow that must have evaporated. Glad I checked!
    You are such a good writer and an inspiration.

    1) become debt free
    2) take care of medical things for myself and my grown children
    3) fix up my home the way I always wanted and needed to do.
    4)Stop landscaping for others (as much) and spend the time in my yard!
    5) Travel with my sister and children.
    6)Buy a new car.
    7) Buy a truck.
    8) Contribute to Make a Wish Foundation
    9)Buy a new wardrobe....Much needed.
    10.Help my sister if she should need it

    Thank you for getting my mind working in that direction. It can happen!
    2855 days ago
    This is a great list. I no it is the last of the month but will add mine.

    1. Buy a new mobile home
    2. Pay off the loan at church for the new elevator.
    3. Help my daughter pay off their house and loans
    4. Help son pay off his schooling loans.
    5. Put money back for the 3 grandkids college education's
    6. Take trips to places I want to see.
    7. Buy a new bed - king size - with adjustments for head and legs
    8. New living room furniture
    9. Start an account in our name for school scholarship to a deserving person
    10. Have a retirement place on a lake.
    2858 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Good answers!
    2858 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    I started out struggling to get 10, and soon was struggling to keep it to just 10.

    1. Buy a new house, and 2 new cars for my brother and I
    2. Travel.. San Diego, and then Europe, and Australia
    3. Buy books, build extensive library, and buy a HUGE TV
    4. Pay off debt/medical bills
    5. Buy season tickets to the Pistons, and Tigers games.
    6. Buy a pizzeria, or a Subway
    7. Buy new clothes, eyeglasses for my brother and I
    8 . Get gym membership
    9. Take some college classes
    10. Set up some program to help people pay for college. There are many people who make just enough to not qualify for a Pell grant, but not enough to pay for it on their own. I think everyone should have the opportunity to go to college.
    2865 days ago
    Dreaming is such fun! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon Jeanne
    2869 days ago
    I await my invitation to the party
    2870 days ago
    Uh.. I love this.

    1. Pay a few debts
    2. Buy a new car
    3. Fix my house
    4. Help my sister out
    5. Help my brother
    6. Take a vacation in Europe (Italy will be nice)
    7.Establish an after school program with computers and all for inner city kids
    8. Build a house in Puerto Rico for retirement and vacations
    9. Donate money to The Humane Society
    10. Fix my yard

    2871 days ago
    So fun (and good for us!) to dream...
    1. Tithe.
    2. Fully fund education for my son, and for one other boy who needs help and can benefit from the opportunity of an excellent education.
    3. Get a solid financial and estate plan in place
    4, Travel
    5. Take care of the people around me - maybe partnering with awesome charities and organizations that already exist and need funding to do more
    6. Buy a home with a den or room for large home office AND a large "rec room" so all my son's friends could always come hang out at our place
    7. Improve my tennis game by taking as many private lessons and playing as much as needed!
    8. Maybe stop working... but not 100% sure - if I did:
    9. Write a book
    10. Volunteer my time and energies to worthy causes
    And may I add an 11?:
    Attend a friend's tropical island party, if invited. emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2872 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/9/2013 12:44:42 PM
    2872 days ago
    Oh this is fun...I Love to dream
    1. Buy a new Van
    2. Paid off debts
    3.Help out all 4 of my sisters
    4.Donate to Church
    5. Have dental work done
    6.Get a new mobile home
    7. Invest some for later
    8.Donate to the pet shelters
    9.Take my sisters on a dream vacation
    10 . Plan a huge beach party with my family and friends
    2872 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8522718
    It is fun to think of what we could do if we hit the lottery! The powerball is up to 429 million, so go for it, and give it a shot!

    I would donate to humane societies, lots and lots of money!

    Have a great friday, and weekend!
    2872 days ago
    Interesting how the things you do for others end up being for yourself :)
    2872 days ago
    What a thought provoking concept. I love your ideas - this have given me much to ponder. Where would you travel to and what kind of books would you write? emoticon emoticon
    2872 days ago
  • CRESHA20
    I really love this post and just had to comment on it because I was talking to my coworkers about what I would do with my lottery winnings today.

    1. Pay off all my husbands and my bills, my parents bills and give them extra of course, help my siblings. (Should those have been separate?)
    2. Get my yard landscaped.
    3. Enclose my pool. I want it pretty fancy.
    4. In my home gym, I would love to get a nu step because I really love it, but can't afford it.
    5. I would really like to revamp my home gym.
    6. Renovate my house, especially my kitchen so that it has more space.
    7. I would definitely invest my money so it can grow and I'll never have to work again.
    8. Get a new wardrobe because mine is so frumpy and outdated.
    9. Give some money to my church.
    10. Travel
    2872 days ago
    I don't really have to think about this, because I have made comments to my daughter about this before. Every time I see a charity or group that's doing something outstanding, I say, "When I win the lottery, I'm going to help them do their thing." It is something for myself because I will benefit from knowing I've helped others.

    Oh, and I want a new Caddy and a house.

    But...I think I will address this in my own blog! emoticon
    2873 days ago
    lol...yes, please keep me in mind for #8, too!

    Great list! Your kind and generous nature continues to shine!
    2873 days ago
    I would add to that learning to invest and setting up income streams that keeps that money replenishing itself so that it doesn't eventually run out.

    2873 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9767578
    LOL, Let me know when you need my address for #8!
    2873 days ago
    Love this list!
    2873 days ago
    I love your choices. It tells a lot about you~you must have a very generous giving personality. Good for you.
    2873 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Money gives us such a luxury to pursue our dreams.....what kind of books would you write?
    2873 days ago
    Great list Chris! I was never a fan of those Teslas (previously just a Lotus Elise with daisy chained laptop batteries!) but the new Tesla S is a nice car.

    I checked my calendar and I'm available for the tropical island party, in case you were wondering :)
    2873 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2873 days ago
    Oooooo! Cool!

    I like your list!
    2873 days ago
    If get some new cloges, carpets, furniture and college funds!
    2873 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9900916
    It did specify things you'd do for yourself, so here are my ten.

    1. Hire a landscaper to put in a nice new walkway up to our house.
    2. Put a gym in our basement
    3. Buy new furniture
    4 Buy new appliances
    5. Have some cosmetic dentistry work done
    6. Hire someone to fence in our backyard
    7. Go on a spa vacation
    8. Get new kitchen cabinets
    9 Get marble kitchen countertops
    10. Hire professional painters to paint a few rooms in our house.

    2873 days ago
    Can I just piggyback off your list?

    #3 would be buy a new Mercedes car and pay off my new Lexus simultaneously.
    2873 days ago
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