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10 weeks down....2 to go

Thursday, August 15, 2013

For all those in BLC22, can you believe that we only have two weeks left of our 12 week challenge? Where did the time go?

Week 10 loss (I think I've been behind on my weeks all round): -.6
Total Loss: -21.5
Weekly Fitness Minutes: 480
Weekly Calorie Differential: -2780

I have found that it's getting easier and easier to not track food. I keep putting that as my number one goal and it will be again this week. I've also let a few sugary items into my diet so we will be nixing those back out as well. On the bright side, fitness minutes are up (I've been doing A LOT of walking) and I'm still losing so I must be doing something right.

So, my week 11 goals are as follows:

1. Track all food. I'm heading over to the tracking thread right after this to input my dinner

2. No sweet treats

3. 500 fitness minutes this week

4. Lose 2 pounds (In order to make my 25 pound loss goal, I'm going to need to lose at least 1.75 for the next two weeks)

I always seem to equate the end of BLC with finishing a race. I've been in plenty of half marathons and even a half Ironman triathlon. There comes a point in the race where you are tired, you are thinking about that finish but feel like it's so far away and the, before you know, you see the finish line up ahead. Personally, I tend to get a burst of energy near that finish line. I know there will be cameras taking that finish line photo, there are people cheering you on, you feel the energy and excitement of the finish. So, smile for the cameras and no matter how the rest of your BLC race was, FINISH STRONG!!

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