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Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is so very odd, I am not losing on the scale, but my clothes that is a different story. It is a good thing I never threw away clothes when they got to tight, because some fit, some are loose. This is so silly because the scale is NOT moving I can not get off the plateau. I keep biking my head off and some walking and strength exercises, but the scale, and it is a relatively new one, refuses to budge. grrrr I will stick with this because I must and because I have resolved to be more stubborn than this stubborn fat. Mind you I have not gone down so much in clothes except a few clothes just are really fitting loose and I am glad I do not have to spend money to find clothes to wear to work, just keep shopping in my closet until I find something that fits for now. Just want the scale to make some progress too. The jeans I wore today, I have not put on in 25 years, if they are the ones I think they are.
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  • KAYWEB555
    You keep riding that bike. Muscle has more weight to it than fat! So your body must be breaking down the fat and you are gainning muscle mass ! WOOHOO !!!

    Sooner than you know I figure that you will start to see a change on the scale also !
    2879 days ago
    I do have to watch that I eat enough. Today my daughter called and wanted me to meet her at Subway for lunch. As is my habit I ordered a footlong, half to eat for this meal and the other to eat tomorrow. So I wrapped the 2nd half and put it in the plastic bag, this is good because once upon a time I could eat the whole thing. Anyway I start eating the half that is today's lunch after only a few bites I know I am in trouble as I am already feeling full. I struggle to eat a few more bites, but get to the halfway mark on that half and I am done, do I wrap it up thinking I will eat it when I get home, which of course I hand it off to my garbage disposal son and in a couple bites it has disappeared after he has consumed the entire 12" of the one I purchased for him. Am I eating enough, probably not and this is the problem I suspect, once again I am not eating enough but what to do, I am full, I can not eat beyond the point of full. Especially this past week I fee stuffed only after a few bites of any meal. But I do continue to exercise and change it up to keep the body confused.
    2883 days ago
    What could be happening is the the muscles are building up and becoming stronger--thus the clothes fit better--and muscles do weigh more than fat does---know we hate hearing that as we want that darn scale to move---try taking a 2 week break from the scale, keep up the exercise, and see where you can tweak the food intake---it could also be that you are now burning more calories than you are eating and the body sees itself in starvation mode---we do have to watch that, too.
    2883 days ago
    Good job Dot. Keep on doing what you are doing.
    2883 days ago
    Thanks Jamer

    2883 days ago
  • JAMER123
    You are doing great to be losing inches!! I am again on a plateau but my clothes are again getting a little looser as well. i always look at as my skin needs to catch up with the weight loss so I am getting a little smaller but remain the same weight. It will break eventually. It will for you as well. Hang in there!! Keep shopping in your closet!! I did today again!
    2883 days ago
    I do like getting to use all those clothes I promised myself I would wear again one day, this is true. lol
    2883 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13109206
    way to go
    2883 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13505519
    That is great, you got to love 'free' shopping! Stick with it!
    2883 days ago
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