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Goals for BLC 23

Friday, September 20, 2013

Well, the next round of the BLC start next week, and we were asked to give some thought as to our goals for the round.

I know that this is going to be another really stressful round for me--I turned in my bibs (yay!) but now I have revisions to make on my dissertation and a lot of studying to do. I need to take my comps in November and turn in my final (or mostly final, anyway) draft in to my committee by the beginning of December. I also have a lot of bureaucratic stuff to deal with--getting paperwork filed, dates for exams and defense approved, etc. And apparently I should be job hunting at the same time. All this in the same 12 weeks of the round, so I'm seeing a lot of really long days of school related work during this round.

I think, because of that, I'm going to keep my goals very simple and pretty basic--really focusing on the fundamentals that will help me stay both sane and healthy (and hopefully not losing any ground as far as my healthy lifestyle goes) between now and December.

1) Weight loss: my weight loss goals are, as always, very modest. I want to lose 6 pounds in 12 weeks. I lose weight painfully slowly--last round was the first round EVER where I actually met my goal--but I know now at least it *can* be done, right?

2) I have been working on eating breakfast every day, and I want to keep that up. I have a hard time with breakfast. I really, really don't want food until I've been awake a few hours, and by that point it's lunch time. Food first thing in the morning is about as appealing to me as, oh, slugs. But I keep reading about how important breakfast is in jump starting the metabolism--and I *did* actually lose weight the one round so far where I regularly ate breakfast--as well as providing much needed energy to help you get up and go in the morning. So breakfast it is. I plan to have breakfast every day, even if it's something as small as an ounce of cheese or a slice of toast.

3) Another thing I have been working on is cutting back on the soft drinks, especially since I *hate* artificial sweeteners so when I drink pop, it's full-sugar. So my goal is to keep drinking tea every morning instead of my "normal" morning soft drink. I've been doing this for almost a year now (mostly--I've had some exceptions when I drank pop instead, but those days have been few and far between). It is, however, still *very* tempting to drink pop, especially when I'm not getting enough sleep and super stressed--that artificial energy from the combination of sugar and caffeine is like a siren in the morning. But I'm going to do my best to stick to tea in the morning. (I'm still allowing myself the occasional pop later in the day, because I don't do well with deprivation--it makes me want to rebel--and the occasional pop has remained very occasional and so I have cut WAY back on my soft drink consumption. Baby steps, my friends; baby steps.)

4) I intend to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes 5 days a week, Wed.-Wed, though I have the time and the ability, I can always do more than that. This serves a couple of purposes. First, this allows me to be a streaker for the round, and I've been a streaker every round since they went from 6 days a week to 5. Second, I can handle 20 minutes of exercise most days, even when I'm *really* busy. It's going to be a HUGE challenge the weeks I'm taking my comps, but I'm hoping I can pull it off. Third, it gives me 2 days of rest, which my hip REALLY needs. Every time I bump my exercise level to more than 5 days, I start to have problems with my bad hip. So I need those 2 days. Exercise also serves the purpose of being a very important stress reliever for me, especially fencing. So this way I have prioritized finding time to do it.

5) I am going to EITHER read 15 minutes/1 chapter (whichever comes first) from one of my religious texts (currently reading The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus by the Dalai Lama) OR 5 minutes in meditation. This serves a couple of purposes--it gives me time for spiritual contemplation, which does me good, but it also gives me space/time to meditate, which is a good way to help me deal with stress. And meditation and religious contemplation go hand in hand very well (think rosaries, if you're Catholic) so I think this will work in giving me the opportunity to read and study but also flexibility, which I think will be particularly important this semester.

6) And last but not least, I want to get at least 15 minutes of "Me" time every day. This could mean reading a book, playing a video game, watching a movie, spending some time on crafts... just 15 minutes to just relax. This is going to be *really* hard as I get close to deadlines and my exams, but I think that just makes it all the more important.

I also intend to be as good an Azurita as I can be, given school--to post regularly, to be as cheerful and supportive as I can, to let my teammates support and encourage me when I need support and encouragement, to do the best as I can with traveling, and to participate as well as I can with the challenges. I am concerned, I admit, that I won't carry my weight well this round, but hopefully I'll be able to carry enough of it.
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  • EILEEN828
    Zhanna, your goals are very practical and have the right amount of leeway that is needed. I hope you achieve as many as you can. On your breakfast theory I had some thoughts. I'm currently reading a book that explains that morning time is a time to cleanse and eliminate and is probably why you don't have much of an appetite. The best cleansers are fruits and vegetables and green leafy plants happen to blend extremely well with fruit in a smoothie.
    I like to use a Magic Bullet to make mine but I'm sure any blender would get results. Spinach is best, with frozen and/or fresh fruit. I add Silk brand coconut milk and golden flax seeds, I get from the bulk food section. I like to be generous with the greens and fill half the container and then the fruit to the top. Fill with the coconut milk and sprinkle about a tablespoon of the seeds on top. They are so delicious and taste only of fruit. I like to use frozen fruit for at least some of it because it makes it taste like ice cream. Totally yummy and you've already got fruit and veggie servings out of the way making an alkaline meal which is perfect for your metabolism. Also the seeds will create a mucilage around each seed, like the texture of the inside of a grape, that is very helpful for digestion, I think they are really tasty and I love adding them in. You won't feel a need for pop or tea and it should carry you nicely through to lunch. It's got fiber and all your vitamins, and you can't help feel that you're somehow cheating at this. It's easily digestible so it won't sap your energy and you will probably get addicted to them. The best part is you can try so many different flavors and combinations. I hope you give them a try, because bonus, they will also help you to lose weight.Good luck. emoticon
    2857 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    (Somehow I missed this post! So here's my take now.

    I LOVE them. They are very easily measured. You CAN do them. You have so much going on and yet always find the time to do most of it every day.

    Wishing you the best and most successful round EVER!
    2861 days ago
    So much wonderful advice sweetie. You have stayed the course for many rounds through stress and injury and pain. Those baby steps you take each and every day have formed a strong and true foundation for you Zanna and will carry you into this round and the next and the next building upon each other. You are building a fortress lady!

    You've got this. You CAN and you WILL and it will all be easier with a little help from those that love and care for you. emoticon emoticon

    emoticon You are a bright and shining emoticon on Azure, the BLC and spark and a dear friend, daughter and wife through it all!

    Slow and steady emoticon is a good thing. You are building upon each baby step. Remember and hold onto that! emoticon

    2864 days ago

    I always love reading your goals-you are so realistic, but also idealistic, in the sense that you set goals that you know will be a challenge, but with the understanding that you will only do what you can. You hold yourself to high standards, but you also realize that you have a lot on your plate, and you have to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. I think you'll do a great job this round! And big kudos to you for meeting your goal last round!

    2864 days ago
  • FUNGIRL81005
    emoticon emoticon Great Goals!!
    2865 days ago
    Zanna, you do more than any other two people combined. I am continually amazed by your efforts and enthusiasm for life. I have a feeling you can do anything you set your mind to, and I think your goals are very well thought out. After many years of fighting the battle, I also think that for many of us losing slowly is a good way to go. It really does become a way of life and forms good habits, while still enjoying life as we go. Good luck with everything. emoticon
    2866 days ago
    You know Azure, Zanna - guilt-free zone! Everyone knows what you have on your plate during this round.

    These seem like fabulous, BALANCED goals and ones that will keep you physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy during this stressful time! emoticon

    BTW... I ordered The Good Heart and that is my next reading after I finish How to Practice. emoticon
    2867 days ago
    Very good goals, very detailed! You have been doing great on the breakfast one so keep going. The rest I am sure you'll be able to reach emoticon
    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12140813
    Simple goals are always the best goals, as you can achieve them - I'm positive that you will!
    Have a great Sparking weekend! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8634484
    I really like our goals, and it's started me thinking about what mine should be. You will always be a 'good' Azurita, stress or no stress, but I hope it's possible for YOU to think you're a good Azurita! emoticon
    2867 days ago
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