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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last week I mentioned that I am at the weight where I tend to plateau but I made a plan last week and stuck to it and things went very well on the scale this morning.

Week 2 loss: -1.8
Total BLC23 Loss: -4.1
Weekly Fitness Minutes: 750
Weekly Calorie Differential: -4416

I had a few extra days off last weekend and decided that I was going to really push the exercise minutes--120 minutes every day I was off and I blew my goal of 600 minutes last week out of the water. I figured if I wasn't going to do it when I was off, it wasn't going to get done.

I drank my water, I focused on getting more whole foods into my diet and I lost more weight than I aimed for.

This week it's back to work and routine but my goals are going to look pretty much the same:

1. focus on whole foods (still staying out of the market at work which helps tremendously)

2. 600 fitness minutes

3. 100 oz water every day

4 lose 1 pound

I say if it works, stick to it!
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