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Lose !00# and try Heaving Snatch Balances

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Excuse the gum chewing... but I found that I get a EEWWWW taste in my mouth when I exercise and gum helps.. a lot.. but this is me doing a Heaving Snatch Balances at my CrossFit gym - CrossFit Exile.. at the time this video was taken I'd lost 109# (weighed 217#).. Lifting heavy weights has been another key to my weight loss and to my toned legs and strong core... I love the heaving snatch balance because it's technical.. lots of things going on at once.. but most of all, I feel strong.. and have found I LOVE TO FEEL STRONG!

I encourage you to LIFT HEAVY! And if you don't know how, then invest in a coach to help you learn.. you've heard for years how your metabolism decreases as you age.. do you know why? because your muscle mass drops.. but doesn't have to be inevitable.. do what you need to do to KEEP your muscle or, gasp, GAIN MUSCLE.. and your metabolism doesn't have to drop! It's your choice.. your decision.. and doing nothing IS a decision..

I have found one of the best payoff of lifting heavy is how much stronger I feel MENTALLY... another great side effect..

Lift heavy, Lift often

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