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Friday, December 20, 2013

I am asked this all the time so thought I would just put it out there on a blog :)


*Journal/blog! Get all of your feelings out there on paper and PRAYING!

*Measure your progress with more than just the scale. Take pictures, measure yourself, pick out some goal clothes, how you feel in your workouts. One week you might not be able to do a routine or workout and maybe 6 months, a month or even just a couple weeks later might be able to. That’s progress whether the scale shows it or not!

*Write everything down that you eat. Whether you are tracking calories or not it just makes you more aware of what you are putting in your body and you can see exactly how much or how little you are consuming.

*PORTION CONTROL!!! I always say everything in moderation. Nothing is off limits just limited amounts. I feel like if I am on a “I can’t have that” diet then I’m going to want it that much more.

*Feeling like it can’t be done PRAY and check out some success stories to spark your motivation and belief in yourself again!

*Move more! Find something you like to do that requires you to get up and get moving and DO IT!

*If you have a long ways to go better get started TODAY! But don’t focus on the large goal. Break that goal up into smaller attainable goals. For example if you have 100lbs to lose break it up into 10lb goals!

*Make changes you can live with FOREVER!!! I suggest baby steps. Make one small change once you adapt to that one add another. All these small changes add up over time. No you wont drop 100lbs in a month...it will happen slowly but it will happen and it will be lifelong sustaining changes if you dont overwhelm yourself with too many at once you have a greater chance at succeeding!

Hope you find these helpful!
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