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HIIT 30 day challenge starting today!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I always enjoy reading blogs from my sparkfriends on here, but since I hardly ever blog, and haven't in over a year, I bet no one even knows who I am. lol. I hardly ever blog because I am embarrassed about my health situation. Even though the whole reason we are all here is because of our health! Also I don't like getting advice from people. I'm perfectly capable of doing my own research. But at the risk of getting all sorts of advice I will end up rolling my eyes at, I'm going to start blogging anyway! Maybe it will help me stick with striving toward a healthier lifestyle, since one of my old long-time friends is no longer that support system for me! Honestly, half the time I went to exercise was only because I knew she would kick my ass and give me a big guilt trip if I didn't do it! Long story. Anyway, here I am. I have been on Sparkpeople for several years. Each year I strive to be better or healthier than the previous year. I go through spurts, where I will be really great about exercising for several months and then get frustrated of either being too hot and sweaty, or just not really caring all that much. Then I take like a month off exercise. And the cycle continues, and I feel like I need to start over constantly.

The one thing I am most proud of is becoming a runner. It took 3 years, and I'm extremely slow, but I can feel the strength in my legs, and lungs, and even when I take a break, when I come back I always get stronger and can run longer and faster than I could the year before. I ran my second half-marathon in December and although I'm quite slow and take walking breaks, I got a 20-minute PR over my first half, last December! The December half-marathon is turning into sort of a tradition between my husband and I, as we got married in December 2012 a day before our first half! We ran this second one together also! It was really nice. I got my hubby into running and now he's so much faster than me, it's a little frustrating, but that's the advantage men have... that and fast weight loss with little effort! Just want to punch him sometimes, haha!!

Anyway since that last half I did, about a month ago, I've gone running a total of 3 times. That is ALL the exercise I've gotten in a month!!! Not cool!!! And guess what, I have gained like 4 lbs!

I just reset my weight ticker today. It's hard to actually know how much I weigh though, because it depends on where my scale is. I can move it to the right or left on the floor an inch and it gives different readings. I usually just take the highest one I get, or the one I get the most if I move it like 5 times and re-weigh. It's pretty sad, I'm the same weight I was when I was 9-months pregnant, with my 10-yr old daughter. I am frustrated and NOT proud of my weight loss progress over the last several years. When I first joined Spark, I lost 12 lbs in the first 5 months or so.... since then, I have battled between 156 and 164... back and forth for like 4 years. I have a hard time eating in range, food tastes so damn good (and drinking -- I like wine and beer). I think the lowest I ever got was a very brief 152, when I had a personal trainer and she was kicking my ass twice a week, and I was doing Atkins at the same time. Then my personal trainer quit, and I loved her, so I quit too, as it was too daunting to pick a new trainer and I couldn't stick with the Atkins long. All the weight piled back on! I am a picture of failure here! This is why I haven't blogged. Because every time I do, and I say "I'm going to do this or that to get back on track", I usually fail! Then I'm embarrassed!

So I signed up for a 30 day challenge with Bodyrock.tv. I know some of you are familiar with this, but basically it's a very intense workout that is only about 10 to 15 minutes long, but you will feel like dying at the end. The challenge starts today. I watched the video for the first day sitting in my cubicle at work feeling like a wimpy lump. I don't think I can do all those push ups. I will give it my best shot. And I know those lunges are going to KILL me! During my Half training last year, around September and October, I was following the program in The New Rules of Lifting for Women book, I did it for about 7 weeks and I was getting so strong! I was upping my weight pretty quick. Then I quit because... why? I don't know... I think it was all the miles I was running to train for the half. I just kind of gave up weightlifting because it would make me sore and I don't like to run when my legs are sore. So now my muscles are weak and spindly again. I feel like I had to put everything on hold that I wanted to do because of that Half, and now I have the freedom to try some new fun things.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Now that I've blogged about it, I feel much more committed to making sure I get that HIIT session in when I get home. Then I'll make a nice healthy dinner. Yesterday I was over my calories, stupid bottle of wine, just tasted so good! Watching horror movies and Hemlock Grove with my hubby, we like to have a few drinks and laugh and have a good time, the main reason I can't lose weight (my daughter is at her dad's house 50% of the time. I am really good when I have her, but when she isn't with me, I act like a damn college kid). Well I will report back about my HIIT session tomorrow!

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    Excellent plans! Spark ON! :-)

    2704 days ago
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