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PAWS 1/15/14

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have been off spark for quite some time due to illness and now back for BLC 24 with the Tigers. Quite frankly, I'm a bit nervous and scared since I have been away so long.
But I have achieved so much since January 1st. I have joined a virtual running group called the MoonJoggers, this group's members set a goal of how many miles they will run for the entire year. Last year the group logged enough miles to reach the moon and back. This year our challenge is called Voyage to Venus. I am so excited about this and I'm loving this group. Everyone is so supportive and whether running walking or the elliptical the miles you rack up count. I am also a fitbit junkie I wear mine 24/7. So I figured I will aim for my 10,000 steps everyday for 2014 or 5 miles. This multiplied gave me my venus goal for the year, 1500 miles. It will not be easy but nothing worth doing ever really is. I am not a seasoned runner by any means and I have yet to participate in an actual race or run an entire 5k distance. But this group has taught me that I am a runner and that I will only get better.
So far this year I have logged over 43 miles in my voyage to Venus. ..43 miles in 15 days yes I am a bit behind but that number still amazes me! Tonight I ran/walked on the treadmill for a distance of a 10k! Me!! I did that. .the girl who can't run for more than a minute at a time...but I did and in less than 2 hours!! I kept a 16:30/mile pace!!
And now my new Moon jogger buddies have me addicted to races real and virtual. ..who knew there were virtual races that awarded medals!! I am now signed up for a February 5 and 10k, A march 5 and 10k and in May I will travel to San Francisco for the annual Bay to Breakers race on May 18th...that's a 12k! My goal is to run it all but if I can run as much as possible and finish in less than 2 hours I will consider it a well earned medal and victory!
I now know that adding my nutrition plan here on sparkpeople and the BLC 24 will only help me achieve even more!
It's going to be a great year. ...weight loss, running, reaching goals, crossing finish lines and getting some runner Bling!!! And every day and step is going to take me closer and closer to Venus!
All I can say to that is Rock On!
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