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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hello all.

Thank you so much for your replies to my last blog about whether I should have a ticker, and if so, what I should do with it. I appreciate all of the comments and the support!

It's taken me a while, but I finally came up with something. Since reaching a maintenance weight, I have felt very uncomfortable in my body. It has not felt like mine. I am bony in parts that I haven't seen bones in 40 years. I don't look like me ANYWHERE. I was feeling really down about this.

Until today.

I began strength training again today. And not only does my body look different than it did, it behaves differently as well.

It's better.

I thought skinny and bony would equal weak. I was wrong.

* Today, I was able to return to modified push-ups, after being compelled to do wall pushups for years because of a knee injury.

* Today, I was able to do many more lying adductions and lying abductions than previously.

* And today, I began my upper body workout with 8 lb weights instead of the usual 5 lb ones that I had been using.

It seems that my fat did not make me strong.

So, my new ticker now reflects my new positive outlook. And even though it is difficult to put into the little ticker space what my new ticker is recording, I am now keeping track of days that I think of a positive thing about my body that does not have anything to with appearance.

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