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A Strange Dream

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I had a really strange dream last night. It started with me watching through the eyes of a wimpy guy as he and two others go through a right of passage to become adults. The people around us kept changing from human to Na'vi. As we went through the ceremony, there were times where several adults chimed in that something needed to be changed. At one point the three put incense sticks into a brazier to start them burning. The adults started talking about something, and the wimpy guy I was riding in got caught up in the conversation and didn't notice that the other two had grabbed their incense sticks and gone inside the temple until his own stick was nearly burnt out. He grabbed it and followed them, and nearly couldn't light the candle on the table that he was supposed to light because the stick burned down. But he blew on a part of it that was still glowing faintly, and it rekindled, the flame getting bigger and brighter as he continued to blow while lighting the candle. Then the stick turned into a sparkler held the wrong way and he dropped it. After a few moments, one of the others, a big guy who looked like a Dothraki, ran around the table and stamped it out with his bare feet, while a young woman questioned the wimpy guy about why he didn't do that himself.

It starts skipping around at this point, with scenes from Avatar mixed in, but the Dothraki guy starts to take a pile of scrolls that look like my Japanese bamboo wall scrolls when closed up into another room, and the wimpy guy accuses him of planning to hoard them rather than read them, and calls him an asshole. I got the feeling that they all needed to read the scrolls, and the Dothraki guy had been a bully to the little guy before, so he expects the worst. The Dothraki guy takes offence and starts trying to intimidate the little guy, saying "Do you speak to me like that?" and he's suddenly twice my height. The little guy counters that they are adults now, and climbs on a chair to look the bully in the eye, and explains all the things he wished he could do to him.

Interspersed with all of this are sudden images of them all doing some kind of paperwork at a sturdy table in a room with an open door, and a series of baby animals come in. First is a calf, then an Or-ix Calf, then a water buffalo calf, and last an elephant calf. And suddenly the wimpy guy is gone and it's really me in the chair. In the first three instances, I'm standing up and the baby starts coming toward me as I call to it and hold out my and to pet their nose. Then the mommy appears in the doorway, and I sit down so as not to anger them, but keep my hand out to the baby. At some unspoken cue, the baby turns around and leaves with it's mother. When the baby elephant comes in, I'm still sitting down from the last animal, and it starts heading towards the Dothraki guy, but backs up. In doing so it causes the door to swing partially shut, and gets it's leg caught in a small chair, which causes it to cry in distress. I go around to help it and it's mother comes in. As I make myself small and start shushing at the calf, both to calm it and to make the mother see that I'm not a threat, she take in the chair on her calf's leg. She them maneuvers the calf so it's facing away from me, wraps her trunk around it's front, and nods to me. That stuns everyone, but I realize it means she understands that I want to hep, and is giving me the go ahead. I wake up as I go to help the calf.

Weird dream huh? I wonder what it means. (The only reason this is so detailed is because I sat down to write it as soon as I woke up.)
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  • 4CYNDI
    Wow! That sounds like a very intense dream. I am not a therapist so this is just my take on it. It sounds to me like you feel or felt that you were wimpy when you were younger. That you didn't pay enough attention to your own needs (letting the incense stick burn too low) before trying to get things going (blowing on the spark) and having it go farther or out of control and unable to see a way to fix it quickly.

    You are now transitioning into what you perceive as an adult state. That you are taking more control of your life. You are starting to stand up for your needs and that you are on a level field with your inner bullies.

    The last portion is really tough to deal with. However, it definitely shows your compassion. The animals respond favorably to you and pick you over the others in the room. Acknowledging you and that you are special. That you really want to help, even if you are caught in an act that could seem aggressive if taken out of context.

    Hope you are having fun though.
    2584 days ago
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