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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Well hello SPark friends,
It's been a while since I've blogged.
I've had some wild success in my weight loss journey since January '14 and thought I'd tell you about it.

First, NEVER give up!
Second, each day is a new day, if you get off track or even derailed one day, jump back on that choo-choo train of success. You are the engineer, the fireman AND the ticket collector. You make the call.

The final nail that drove me over the cliff was the idea that my insulin that I've been taking and controlling my blood sugar with for maybe 6 months was going UP in price. Instead of $100-$125 per month, I hit the donut hole in February and it was going to cost ME almost $500 per month for one bottle and would have to pay that for two months. Now, I was blessed that we did have the money to purchase the insulin, but did not feel the urge to SPend the money. I've been diabetic for 16 years and have only danced around the issue of really getting in control of my numbers.

SO, I took the bull by the horns and really started crackin' the whip and getting with the program.

I LOVE SParkpeople.com but the app on my iPad mini is not the easiest to work with. I found another app, dare I say,"Diabetes In-check" and started tracking with it. Bought a couple books, e-books, actually. Had seen an infomercial for the Virgin Diet. Now, you know the name was half the draw, LOL. I liked what it offered and basically the first two weeks, no dairy, no pasta/potatoes/flour, no sugar/ regular or artificial sweetener either.

Sounds ROUGH don't it. Well, it wasn't half bad, the first couple/few days were the worst and that was just to break old habits!

Additionally, after some weight loss before this plan, I did get approval from my doctor for an appetite suppressant and it was the final straw to really get things rolling!

I called my diet, really it's NOT a diet, it's a change of food plan for EVER, it's called MY SEE FOOD DIET! Not a typo, not sea food, see food. If I see food, I DON'T EAT IT.
I'll swear my air around here is fattening. LOL

So, meat, and none of it is processed, no bologna, or stuff like that and lot's of veggies and fruit. The fruit was the key, as it is natural sugar instead of added sugars.

My calorie intake for the first week or so was between 300-600 per day and I think I was actually below the 300 mark some too. Still, not bad but found that after a while, my weight loss slowed down as did my metabolism. I HAD to start eating more food and did not want carbs, but I NEEDED good carbs. So again, change is good.

My food plan now consists of 1800 calories per day, heck I used to eat that in a meal! I usually have left over calories each day too, seldom go over it too!

My exercise is mainly walking around the farm and doing my chores. I always used to try to get a mile a day in, as that was basically the minimum and now that walking on my pedometer has grown to 2 miles up to 4.75 miles per day.

I have more energy, stamina and afternoon naps are a thing of the past.

Remember, the key is to NOT GIVE UP

I make some mistakes almost any day. Learn from it and correct the mistake next time!

Hope this explains my SECRET, guess it isn't a secret any more. LOL

Have a GREAT Day!
Keep the FAITH and the SPark!

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