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Saturday, May 10, 2014

One of the requirements for this weekend's challenge is to post a blog with our action plan for recovery when we get off track. Negotiating this new, healthy lifestyle is just like everything else in life. I don't have all the answers, and no magic rule book appeared out of thin air the moment I decided to embark on this journey. It is a journey of trial and error. A journey of positives and negatives. It is a journey that depends on planning ahead. Some things you can get by with flying by the seat of your pants. But not this journey.

I have learned that in pre-planning, I dictate my choices. The chaos of life, and unplanned circumstances don't get to choose what I will eat for the day or when I will find the time to exercise.....That all sounds so good, right? But the truth is, life does sometimes get in the way. We are thrown for a loop, or we have a bad day, and "forget" our healthy meal plans so painstakingly put together in advance. Our hormones fluctuate, and we eat things we shouldn't eat...by the handfuls. Or spoonfuls.

In pre-planning our meals, and our exercise for the day, or week, we can be more prepared for the days and the weeks. So, it only stands to reason to have a plan for those times when we do stumble.

My stumble recovery plan is simple.

I have gotten in the (bad) habit of staying stumbled. If I eat a bad meal, then I throw away the whole rest of the day. And because I blew a whole day, that wrecks my whole week, and I will do better...starting Monday. And then Monday rolls around, and I have a bad meal, and I have already blown a meal, then another day, and then another week, and then I will do better.... next month. It is a vicious circle of self-pity and self-hatred, and shame, and well, just about any negative word you can think of will fit in the blank here.

My stumble recovery plan is simple because all I have to do is to stop the circle. If I have a bad meal, it is just that. One meal. It doesn't have to wreck my whole day, or week, or month. If I plan ahead, I can actually undo the damage of a bad meal the same day by adjusting my sails, and not letting the winds of self destruction rock my boat off course. If I regress into former bad eating habits, I need to regroup quickly. The faster I regroup, the faster I recover.

See, it is simple~ REGRESS. REGROUP.RECOVER.
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