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Over 2 years of Maintenance YEAH!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Well Sparkpeeps I have been in maintenance for over 2 years now and it feels WONDERFUL. I have learned so much about this process and about me. But one of the biggest lessons I've learned is NOT TO BEAT MYSELF UP when I mess up.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip and I am not good with long road trips. If I am not driving then it is hard for me to sleep and after seeing miles and miles of freeways, cows and vegetation I am extremely BORED. With boredom I start eating. So on this road trip I ate so much junk and in the past I would have beaten myself up and been so mad that I did that but this time I just regroup and decided I needed to have a plan of action for the next road trip. Since the community choir I sing with is starting to go national, these road trips will happen more frequently and I know that the next time I need to do better.

I thank GOD for this transformation and the most important lesson I have learned is how much my Sparkpeeps and the people that support my efforts are to me. Everytime I wanted to give up or try to be lazy and slack off there is ALWAYS someone there to encourage me to keep going. I thank GOD everyday for placing you all in my life. Love YA Smoochez!!!

Here are some before and after pics.

Before pic taken Oct 2011 (I had already started my weight lost weighing about 180lbs) After pict taken May 2014 (155lbs)

Before pic taken Apr 2010 (About 215lbs) After taken May 2014 (155lbs)

Before pic taken Apr 2009 (About 210lbs) After taken Jun 2014 (155lbs)

Before pic taken Oct 2010 (About 215lbs) After taken Jun 2014 (155lbs)

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