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A New Outlook, And A New Goal

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's amazing how much can change with the simple act of watching a movie. Earlier this week, DTERMIND2LOVEME asked me if I would be willing to try going Vegan with her, and if I wanted to watch Vegucated with her. While I didn't answer on the first question, I had caught a glimpse of the movie on my way out the door that day, and said yes to the movie. We decided to watch it Saturday, after she got home from work.

Well Saturday has come and gone, and Oh My God(dess)! That is one powerful movie. It's an infomative movie about a woman who became Vegan herself, and takes three people on a six week journey into veganism and why it's good. The movie is chock full of information about how it's healthy for you, why we need to become more vegitarian, how we became omnivores, and, most powerfully, how inhumane and destructive the industrial food industry has become. I knew intellectually how bad it was for food animals, but actually seeing it in detail was a shock to the feels. You can't even justify eating them because not to would be disrespecting their spirit, not after that kind of torture. emoticon

After the movie, Jo and I had a conversation about the affect the movie had on me ( I couldn't bare to eat the beef stew Dad had made for dinner.) and how I could start making the change. As a neuro-atypical individual, change comes slowly to me, and to much at once can set off freak-outs. Jo and I went over what I eat at work and school, and determined what could stay, and what needed changing. I won't be going full Vegan to start off with. Instead my goal is to gradually transition into being Ovo-Lacto-Vegitarian, meaning I'll be able to eat egg and milk products. I've been leery about doing this before based on how fast my body processes plant based foods, but I think I'm finally convinced. emoticon emoticon

I also thought about how I could help in other ways. I'm considering opening a wildlife rehabilitation clinic that doubles as a rescue and sanctuary for rescued farm animals. I think the east coast will be a good place to do this. emoticon
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    As a rule, any sudden change to a diet can be really painful and difficult for the body, so if you do want to make this big change, especially as you note some factor that might really affect you, you might want to make the change gradually. In this way, your body will adapt slowly and you are more likely to stick to it.

    Why not try to change one meal at a time: so for this week, have one dinner that is vegetarian, and maybe one lunch too, keep the rest exactly as you normally would. The following week, go for two dinners and two lunches... and build it up that way. Ask your vegetarian friends for great low fat recipes, because eating vegetarian does not have to be dull, and check with your doctor that they are happy for you to make this positive change.

    All the best in your venture, take it slow, pace your body, that is the surest way to success. (meanwhile, by all mean source your meat ethically) Good luck and keep us posted!
    2430 days ago
    Like Cyndi, vegetarian isn't an option for me, but we do try to get our meat from more humane sources as much as possible. But vegetarian can be very healthy, especially if you eat dairy and eggs--those give you access to certain vitamins that are really hard for the stricter vegans to get.

    Good luck!
    2430 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Good luck with your new plan. It's not something I can do, but everyone is different. Have fun with it.
    2431 days ago
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