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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hi guys,

Thanks for the support on my last blog entry. I tried to not let the plateau get to me, and I am happy to report that after my period had finished my weight was 151lbs, so the extra 2 pounds were TOM fluctuations and because I kept on top of things during that period, I still lost. I have actually lost another pound this week which I am stoked about, meaning since the 5th January I have lost 6 lbs in total!

I am confident that after a month of sparking again I am back into good\better habits and so can continue towards reaching my goal weight (again) of 139.

I am feeling a lot "fresher" at the moment if that makes sense? I think thats a combination of green tea, water, lots more vegetables and getting outside more. I have started to run again after 12 months off. It really has lightened my mood, well it certainly feels that way. I am currently going out for 20-30 mins at a time, 2-3 times a week.

I spent some time last week re-reading old blogs. I used to be so peppy, I was so excited about weight loss and sorting my life out. I do have that enthusiasm again, but I think after everything that has happened since 2011, I am little quieter in my healthier living and less excitable.

I got a lot of negativity directed towards me when I started to really shift the weight and especially when I started trying new foods and following a plant based diet. My ex husband and his parents were especially negative as well as my old "friends" (they were NOT friends it turns out). I think it's left me a little more reserved now, maybe a bit frightened of negativity? Or maybe I just dont feel I need to prove something to these idiots who think that healthy living is a waste of time and that just because someone starts doing things you don't fully understand or adhere to then it's automatically wrong. Hmmm...
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