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What happens when I keep trying? Or when YOU keep trying?

Sunday, February 08, 2015

If I can send one message to you, it's this:

No matter how hard it seems to be, how much you have to struggle to lose a pound or two or fifty, how uncomfortable you feel when working out, how many times you fall off that wagon, how dismal or hopeless your improvement efforts might seem at times...

Don't. Give. Up.

Just don't.

I've logged into SP for 62 straight days. I'm pretty sure that's my longest streak for logging in and I've been a SP member for several years. Most of those days I've been very faithful at logging my food and water. My Fitbit device is automatically synced so I needn't do that. I don't worry too much about missing a day of food tracking here and there but I really do try to be consistent with that. Honestly, I find tracking food to be a pain in the hiney because I keep processed foods down a a dull roar and create most of my dishes with fresh foods. Inputting recipes for them is time consuming so some days I simply don't log the food. I log when I have time, drink plenty of water, and reach my step goal almost every day, usually going over. As time has passed, I've added a little bit of variety to my walking workouts and am now doing a small amount of resistance training.

So what happens when I do those things consistently for almost three months? Umm, I lose nine pounds! Yes, that's slow going. People aren't kidding when they say weight loss after 40 is more difficult. I'm almost 53 years old and each pound I lose seems to take two to three times the effort it did 10 or 15 years ago. The weight doesn't just fall off - it seems to sort of limp off. Ha ha!

That's okay, though. Nine pounds in almost three months is still something to crow about! So are feeling better, breathing better, having more endurance, and using a lot less insulin. Those non scale victories are just as important as the numbers on the scale.

I'd say that right now, although I still have 30 something pounds to lose, I'm successful. Not successful enough to treat myself to cake and ice cream or to lay off working out for a couple of days but successful enough to have confidence that my efforts ARE paying off and they'll continue to do so.

As long as I don't give up.

So happy Sunday to all of us who keep at it, despite the difficulties! Sooner or later, we'll have success. :-)
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