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Another Week Complete; Another Week Closer

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I can tell the fire is catching when I wake up and the first thing I think about is what's on the training agenda and when can I get to it. When exercise become recreation rather than something to dread, the journey becomes so much more enjoyable.

A lot of the attitude change had to do with the unexpected improvement and ease in tackling a longer run this weekend. Just an easy paced jog interspersed with regular, Galloway-inspired 1-minute walk breaks ended without me feeling like I was going to die.

The increases in performance in these early stages are more dramatic than I know they'll be later, when improvements get more incremental. But mentally, I needed this to motivate me because I'm starting out from such a poor base. Wish I'd drop a few of these fat pounds a little more quickly, but I'm trying to avoid making weight loss a focus.

I've got a good mix of crosstraining happening; keeping running to about 3 days a week for now and filling in the other days with rowing, swimming, circuit training, cycling (stationary...haven't take the real bike out yet), and just plain only walking, stair climbing and elliptical trainer-ing.

Can't seem to keep the 30-day Shred thing going for some reason. And not really logging into Sparkpeople but once a week. My Fitbit is connected to Sparkpeople, so I see it's getting my shared data without me logging in. But I really should try to use the food logging tool. I know it would just force me to be more aware of what I'm eating; though I'm doing okay, I'm sure I can make better choices, and probably would if I were to force myself to reflect on and tally it up daily.

But I'm beginning to feel confident that I'll be able to traverse all five burroughs of the NYC marathon come November, so I'm close to taking the next commitment and purchasing my plane tickets. (Gulp)
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