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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm so funny because I'll sit here trying to think of a title for my blog and sometimes I spend more time on that then I do on the blog. emoticon Anyway...

School is going good. These classes are def tougher so I'm not sure I'll be able to pull A's again but that's what I'm aiming for. End of this week will mark the half way point of this set of classes.

I'm doing much better with my attitude, eating and exercise. Am back to counting calories (and as always being shocked by some calories counts!). I convinced a few friends to join me in a challenge to work out for 100 days straight!! I don't remember where I saw it but it seemed like a cool idea. The thinking is that forming a habit takes so many weeks so if you can do it for 100 days it'll be a habit. Yes they do encourage rest days but just active rest ones, like doing ab work, or less intense activities. tonight marked the 2nd night of the challenge so we have a ways to go. lol

I stepped on the scale Monday, yes the first day of the challenge, and I'm almost back to my heaviest weight! ugg!! But I didn't let it freak me out and I didn't binge so I'm pleased with myself! I'll just have to take the weight off, again, and this time leave it in the past!!

Still enjoying having my son home for the summer. Hard to believe he'll be back at school in a little over a month!

So I've stewed and thought and worried and decided I was going to follow my dream not only in going to school but also in moving to a city and getting a job in accounting. It's a huge step for me. I've lived in a town of about 2000 for almost 20 years. I felt this was the best place to raise my son so that's what I did. But he's grown, will soon have a life of his own and I've decided what I want to do when I grow up, accounting, so it's time to pursue it. This small town doesn't have those types of jobs.

I talked to friends and my parents for awhile before deciding and they all encouraged me. The only one not happy about it is my son. He doesn't like the idea of mom leaving his hometown. And I understand his point of view. At this point he plans on getting his degree, 7 more years, and then moving back home. He doesn't realize that at his age his plans are more likely to change then not change. He's also not happy because one of the places I'm looking into is the same town he goes to college at. I'm not going there because of that but I love the city and have for years! Plus my sister is there and another sister is moving right next to that city. And my folks, as they retire, are spending more and more time there. He's upset about it but I'm hoping when/if the time comes he'll be understanding and helpful.

So along those lines I've got my resume done and have actually applied to 3 three jobs in the last week. There are two more I want to apply for but have to wait on my college transcript, which will hopefully be here in the next few days.

That being said I'm really trying not to get my hopes up. And I told my son that I may find a job right away but more likely it will take quite awhile, possibly years.

I think the fact that I'm located out of town will be a discouragement to employers. I've been at my current job almost 17 years so while I'm not making a lot of money I'm making a fair amount and my health insurance is fully paid!! Which I know is a great benefit and I appreciate it. As long as I'm in school I can't really take a pay cut. And I don't know how long it would take my house to sell so need to take that into consideration.

Plus I know once I was discriminated against because of my weight and I wonder if that's happened at other jobs. So I worry employers will hold it against me. I would hope they would look past that. Of course I also know I don't interview well which doesn't help. I need to work on that because I get so nervous!!

My current job is a good job. I am just burnt out, honestly I'm beyond burnt out, on customer service and working with the public and politics of small town government. Add that to I really want to be involved in accounting, hopefully I can become a cpa, and the fact that there is no other job available for me with this employer.

Once I made the decision, told my son and started applying for a job I've started to get nervous and scared. lol! I sure hope I've made the correct decision. I am not leaving here my current job or location until/if I have a job. While I'll miss some coworkers and friends I will not miss parts of the small town or home ownership. As a single woman, who has no common sense for home repairs, home ownership can be nice but is also very stressful.

Thinking about doing this, applying for a job, etc. has me so nervous and I'm stressing about it. But I have managed to keep the eating under control. And I'm thrilled with that! Have been going through lots of gum to keep my mouth busy. hehe

I have a feeling I've started to babble (probably started that after the second line or so) so think I'll stop here and stop using this as an excuse to avoid homework and get back to the books.

If you've made it this far you deserve a medal!! and a huge thank you!!
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    I hope things work out for you as you make these huge life changes. You sound excited, and I'm happy for you.
    2182 days ago
    It sounds like you have laid down some marvelous plans for your future! Go for it!!!
    No second guessing yourself. Take the leap of faith and then fly!
    I wish you the best,

    2185 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    emoticon emoticon
    2185 days ago
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