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Monday, July 20, 2015

Normally, not blogging or logging would be an indicator that I'd dropped out of the training routine; but this time it's not so.

I'm still plugging along, reaching the 9-mile "long-slow distance" mark this past weekend. I'm actually going more for time than distance, trying to govern my pace by monitoring heart rate. It's become a bit of a game, trying to reach the time goal without exceeding 85-90% of my max heart rate.

I've been sticking to a walk-run training strategy, which has helped me slow my pace in the early stages of my runs so that I can get through the later stages more successfully. If I didn't do that, I know I'd be pooping out way too early and not getting the aerobic endurance benefits that are the whole point of these weekend long runs.

The good news (so far) is that the other benefit of walk-run -- validating what Galloway professes -- is that I don't suffer too much during the day or days after. I know I'm only talking 8-9 miles right now and 90-100 minutes of running, but this is usually the point in my distance training where I've experienced pain in the foot (ankles/arch) and find myself stiff and sore for the next day or two.

But instead of a 9-minute/mile training pace that would wipe me out when I was closer to 50, this walk-run approach down shifts me to a 12-minute/mile pace, which stinks for my ego, but does wonders for my recovery and avoiding injury. I have a long way to go, still, but starting to feel like I should provide a testimonial for Jim Galloway.

I'm not entertaining any notion of running a 4-hour marathon in November. My goal is to cover the 26.2 and enjoy the day, finishing without descending into the "pain cave." I expect that should mean a very pedestrian 4:30-ish marathon, but I'll be very happy with that. This is a bucket-list marathon and I want to relish it.

Still not getting leaner, though. Weird. Of course, I'm not logging food and still giving short shrift to strength training, so maybe not so weird.
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  • HAPPY92003
    Sounds like you have a good mix of workouts going! My only suggestion would be go heavy on the weights (the last rep should be a struggle) and anytime you can use free weights instead of a machine you are doing your body a favor:-) I truly believe weight training is the best way to prevent injuries:)
    2203 days ago
    Glad to read up on you and your success for training! Keep it up. You'll rock that marathon!
    2203 days ago
    I do 1 or 2 speed or interval runs during the midweek: short duration (like 30 minutes) that put me anaerobic and put a burn on the legs. The other runs, like a recovery run or the long run, are ones where I try to stay aerobic or right on the threshold, the so-called "tempo" run.

    I've been swimming once a week, usually the day after the long run, for about 30 minutes. I've try to mix those routines up, with workouts learned from a Masters Swim class I took way back in 2009.

    Other than that, I've been getting about 2 resistance circuit routines in a week, mostly on the fixed weights but a few reps using dumbells, heavy ball and cable machines. I kind of do a couple of "laps" around a set of exercises, doing just one set on each "lap" with little rest in between. Usually about 20 minutes with an extra 10 minutes of rowing, elliptical or spin cycle before.

    It's not Cross Fit intense, but it's something to work core and other body elements and eccentric motions not covered by the repetition of running.

    I'm not where I was back in 2009-2012 when I obsessed, tracking every gram of food and on a rigid schedule of cross training. Back then, though, I got injured a lot, mainly muscle strains in the back, calves, and quads, not to mention the tendon aches in my feet and ankles.

    I just kind of despise the weight training, so it's the first thing I'll skip if I have any excuse. I won't skip a scheduled run, but I can't seem to commit always to strength workouts. I'm sure that's why I have difficulty getting lean. That and I'm a carb/grain-a-holic.
    2204 days ago
  • HAPPY92003
    Awesome job!! I was just wondering this morning how your training was going:) Glad to hear you are listening to your body and takiing the smart approach:D As for leaning out...well, I have found lots of cardio works the opposite for me as it does for others (I gained weight training for my marathon!) and weight lifting and HIIT training burns the fat. Could you do some of your shorter runs as intervals (sprint / walk)? This might mix things up and keep your body on its toes!

    2204 days ago
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