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Aug 6, 2015....Carbs and I

Thursday, August 06, 2015

I am now on Day 16 of having no refined/processed carbs. I've cut breads, pasta, and added sugar from my diet. Reading labels and googling nutrition elements of various foods like crazy and also recording every mouthful.

My original plan was to stick to 100 grams of carbs (or under) per day. So far my net grams/carbs has been averaging 115 grams/day. I realize that I have to pump up my veggie intake (which is higher than it used to be) over my fruit intake. I'm eating too many fruits! Grapes, apples, blueberries and strawberries are my downfall. These are all healthy and good for you, however looking over my food tracker, I'm dismayed at how these will really add to the carb count.

I honestly do not know how people are able to follow the ketogenic LCHF way of eating and at this point in my healthier lifestyle journey, I definitely don't think it is for me. 50 or under grams a day? That, plus the addition of higher fat foods throws me. Anything I have read about the LCHF way of eating has been positive, but I still have trouble getting my brain to 'allow' me to eat certain fat foods that have been off limits to me for a very, very long time.

I think, for me, a confirmed carboholic, aiming for 100 grams/day will have to remain the magic number. I am seeing results - 6.5 lbs down in two weeks and my blood sugars and insulin intake have decreased quite a bit.

I'd love to hear from others that have been eating lower carbs for a while and what, if any, tips they have.

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    Great that you are making these changes and they are helping you. I tried a very low carb diet for months and it was not easy, Adding fats was something I just had trouble with but thought I would give it a good try. For me I did it but it really is not a lifestyle for me. I am a vegaholic so that is no problem, but I just dont like a program that goes all one way or the other. If it is helping you right now with both weight loss and controling your blood sugar than really give it a good try. Everyone has to find what is right for them a lifestyle that they can embrace and live with for a long time, its all about finding the right balance for you.
    I will admit I like carbs too so right now for me I am doing Jenny Craig, once I get to my goal weight I plan to eat a balanced diet of foods and see if that will help me learn to maintain.
    You are doing so great with making the changes you need to for your health just keep working in that direction and you will find the best path for you.

    Hugs and smiles
    Deb emoticon
    2110 days ago
    Woohoo...go you....
    2110 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    The key will be how you feel and if you can get better control of your blood sugars. Have you discussed this with your doctor?
    2112 days ago
  • GIPPER1961
    Whether talking about Ketogenic or Paleo or any other lower carb lifestyle it really is about accepting that fats are not your enemy. They are satiating and the body can burn them in the form of ketones. To cut down on your carbs you are correct that you will have to embrace more vegetables. Whether you are willing to do that of course is up to you but that is how to be full and satisfied on lower carbs. If you ask me if you are happy and satisfied on 115 and your health is fine go for it. I am personally insulin resistant and have had metabolic syndrome so lower carb is essential to me and every low carb plan stipulates eat the level that your body can tolerate.

    Good Luck in your health
    2112 days ago
  • MARIAH188
    You have to find recipes that are appealing. I have my favorites (beef broccoli, taco bowl with no taco shell, burgers with a lettuce bun). I LOVE carbs, so the transition was hard, but with diabetes, I had to make a change. Keep experimenting.
    2112 days ago
  • MARIAH188
    I eat about 20 grams of carbs per day. It is a lifestyle change and takes some getting used to. The fats thing threw me for a loop too. I had to get used to cooking with butter and not trimming fats off of my meat. But you do lose weight quickly.
    2112 days ago
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