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On track today, my saboteur, incline walk (getting back in the saddle)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Today was a good day again. No pain in the ankle, I was on track with food. At the end of the day I was low on calories and protein and I still had some room for fat as well, so I thought about what I had available that fit that bill. I decided to try non-fat milk, peanut butter, and a little chocolate syrup. I was hoping it would taste good. OMG, it tasted awesome! 1.5 c of milk, 2 Tbs peanut butter, and 1 Tbs chocolate syrup. YUM! It was like drinking a peanut butter cup without the heaviness. I had a big salad for dinner so that put me over the top on veggies.

My son is wavering about whether or not to do his school's running club this year. He did it last year while I couldn't run and he did 150 miles! I was so proud of him, but I so badly wanted to run with him. That's why I signed up for the 5K. Because he wanted to run with me and because I figured he's going to be doing running club again. I just talked him into doing it at least until the 5K (25 Oct). My hope is that he gets into it again or it at least because a habit. I also told him that I won't do a 10K with him if he doesn't continue with running club since I'm not taking him out for that kind of distance without training first. It's also the only way he's able to make money. I pay for miles. He made a lot of money last year with that 150 miles. I think he's afraid it's going to be too much with school, but since it's before school I think it would help him a lot with the ADHD. It did last year.

I'm going to exercise again tonight for the first time in three days (last thing I did was the run during which I twisted my ankle.) I've been staying off it exercise-wise, but I think it's fine and that it can handle an incline walk just fine. My husband is trying to keep me from doing anything, but he's always overly cautious and he tends to be my saboteur - the one who tries to get me to eat more when I've hit my daily limit (and ate a really balanced diet) just because he thinks dinner is the most important meal of the day and doesn't believe I'm eating enough.

I had this problem with him last time I lost all the weight too. I did it exactly right but we still had quite a few arguments about what I was eating, how much, and when. It got pretty old, and I see some of it happening again. He's exercising and can't lose weight and is only now realizing he needs to cut back on what he's eating. He doesn't believe established portion sizes are reasonable. He also thinks that if a fat is a “good fat” that the more he eats of it the better. He really doesn’t understand nutrition – at all. So that's why I discount his opinion on whether or not I can or should exercise again. I know what my ankle feels like, and I know I can do it and that a slow incline walk for 15-20 mins is not going to be a bad thing. I'm not running yet and won't for at least a couple days. But I'm confident I'm okay and will be able to run this week. And if I’m not, the incline walk should tell me and I can back off.

[After the walk] It went well. No problems. No twinges. I could run again without issue. So I'm going to. I won't be joining the early morning group on Tuesday morning though since they're doing a 10K. The 3.4 I did on Thursday is as far as I've gone since I started running again, so I'm not ready for anything over 4 miles right now. A friend of mine was talking about just doing 4 miles while the rest of the group did the 6.2, but she recently had her confidence boosted when she ran 4.7 this morning (so I'm glad I didn't do that run either.) So she'll be doing the full 10K. I won't.
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