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Ran a hill

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I was kind of tired yesterday and it was so incredibly hot so I decided not to run or work out and just take the day off. This morning I got up at about 0600 and it wasn’t too hot yet so I headed out. I went 2.1 miles and the first .8 was straight up hill. It’s the old path I used to take from my house. I’d been wondering when I’d be ready to go do it again. My tendons were a bit sore today so I did a lot of stretching afterward. But I ran almost a mile up hill. It’s about a 360 ft gain in that distance, which doesn’t sound like a lot, until you run up it.

My pace was a 13 min mile. Not bad considering the uphill. A month ago that was my average flat pace. I’m going to give a shot at some speed work to see if I can speed up. I also need to get on the situps and pushups to get ready for the fitness test in October. Since a waist measurement is part of the test I’m going to do it as late as possible in the month to give myself as much time as possible to get my weight down.

I’m a bit ahead of my projected weight loss right now. I projected a lb and a half a week. So I projected a weight of 195 for Monday. Right now I’m expecting more like 193. I know I won’t be ahead forever. I’ll have ups and downs in my journey. Last time I averaged 1.5 lbs a week so. So at least I know it’s reasonable and attainable.

I’ll be running with my women’s group tomorrow. We’ll see what the distance is. I don’t have to rush back home in time for work, so I’ll be able to do whatever distance they do. I may not run at their pace if they’re doing an 11:30, but I may try to keep up and just see if I can.

Overall I’m in a good place. I need to remember as I get better and can do more that I still need to stretch, roll my painful spikey ball on the knots in my calves and shins, and use The Stick on my calves too.
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