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Struggling and Change

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am struggling honestly right now. Depression is knocking on my door; well, it has been knocking there for a while and I keep trying to deal with it on my own, by using my blue light and exercise. I have been trying to not go back on medication since the side effects are awful and I only seem to need it for roughly 90 days or so. That's the pattern anyways over the last couple of years. It has been closer to a year I think since the last time I had any of the medication.

I then got test anxiety for my Limited Scope X-Ray Exam that was yesterday. I got that done so no worries there now that is over. When I have test anxiety I tend to eat more things than I should and not the so great things either.

What have I learned is that if I eat a muffin such as a Costco Blueberry type of one I feel so miserable and bloated afterwards it isn't funny. Then about an hour later a headache comes on and then some intestinal stuff starts to happen. That is NOT any fun. It didn't used to be that bad with me, now it is. The older I get the more sensitivities I seem to get. Better yet if I have anything with a lot of sugar in it I get the same symptoms.

Today I baked zucchini, banana muffins and I tested one and I felt not so good and bloated now. I did use wheat flour. So, this could be flour/sugar combo thing happening. I have a birthday party thing to attend to tonight and in reality not feeling so hot. I also made the most unhealthy ever for the birthday party called "cookie salad" it was requested and I don't eat that as I make it because I know I won't feel good.

I am thinking that there is a flour/sugar combo thing that my body is actually sensitive to. What is my plan? It will be 1) clean up my eating. 2) try to decrease flour/sugar combo's. This is a huge deal for me and I will start slow and won't cold turkey it. I need to make it a good habit and not let it go into deprivation type of thing.

I am going to start with that first at this point time.

That is all for right now.
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    Yes I used to post on QUEST / 7%CLUB and WIDRT! I am the Leader at PETITE PLACE! Check my BIOPAGE and you can bounce right in...it is a public thread so you don't even need to post unless the mood strikes! Check out the SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS for grins and giggles.~mellow

    2114 days ago
    I think you are doing the right thing for now - just take it one step at a time
    2121 days ago
    I didn’t know lights affected you. Sounds like you get the SAD symptoms? I just get hungry for sunlight when I don’t get enough, and it messes up my circadian rhythm. Blue light irritates me, so I use a 10,000 lumen bright white light lamp, and find on a cloudy day I need to use it for hours/the entire day, none of that 20 minutes in the morning stuff for me.
    FYI, I know someone who cut out white flour & white sugar and depression (pretty bad) disappeared.

    You are learning some great stuff with your eating experiments. Hmm, sugar gives the same symptoms, interesting. Or does the sugar give the miserable feeling but not the bloated?? Things to be curious about – it will take some time to figure things out.

    Some experimenting might help, of non gluten flours and different sugars - I can tolerate small amounts of raw honey (that shocked me) and small amounts of low sugar fruits but anything else affects me. Experiments can help you find exactly what you can tolerate so you know if you are going to “cheat” do it with X not Y, or at least know and accept the consequences of a "cheat".

    A side FYI, bananas are one of the top 100 food allergies around, just to be aware of as you test things out. But wheat/gluten is a biggie for a lot of people, so a good place to start.
    2121 days ago

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  • THEBEE59
    Have you looked into natural anti-depressants/supplements? From what I've heard/read, the side effects are minimal compared to prescription meds. Personally, what helps me when I'm feeling down is to write in my journal, get moving and it makes a huge difference when I eat clean. No processed foods, no junk food whatsoever. I know, it's easier said than done but it is worth it! AND that may help with the tummy issues you're having also. You can start cutting out sugar and flour for a couple of weeks and see what effect that has on your stomach.

    There are endless resources online for what you're going through, I hope you get the answers you're looking for :)

    2122 days ago
    2122 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan to slowly change and stay away from flour/sugar. Keep plugging, you are on the right path. I know it's hard sometimes. Keep Pluggin' emoticon
    2122 days ago
    Maybe you need an allergy test or something. I too deal with it the difference is I choose not to take meds although my docs think I should. What helps me is i read my BIBLE, pray or distance myself from everyone for as long as I need to.
    2122 days ago
    Maybe you should stay away from baked goods all together if you want to lose the weight. They are usually loaded with sugar and calories…not good.
    2122 days ago
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