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Joined a Spark Team I never thought I would join.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The support of that team is wonderful. Even met a new Spark friend from the team when
we went on vacation in May.

Back in January on a 3 week trip, I experienced a health scare. Drove home from
Orlando to Atlanta area after the end of our first week. Went to the Dr had urine sample
done, thought I was bleeding from the bladder. Was cleared and drove back down to
Orlando after 4 days at home and finished our vacation.

Went back to the Dr had a wellness checkup. She couldn't do an internal exam as I was in too much discomfort when exam was attempted. Referred to a GYN who did a look see and gave me the news that he saw cancer in the vagina.

Referred to a GYN Oncologist who did a biopsy and pronounced 2nd stage Vaginal Cancer.
I had better odds of winning the lottery. It is a rare cancer among the cancers that women are diagnosed for. Mostly those that have had a hysterectomy (I have) get this cancer.

I have been undergoing treatment since the end of March.
33 radiation and about 7 chemo treatments. 2 interstitial surgeries to insert
about 22 needles and have radiation syed treatments (2 times each day for
each surgery). All these treatments were done by May 21st.

On a follow-up appt in July with Radiation Oncologist said he was hopefully
optimistic that the cancer is gone. The tumor was about the size of a golf
ball and had been there about 2-5 years. August appt went OK, but I told him
I was experiencing discomfort "down there". Pain level 2 out of 10.

Sept appt I saw the other Dr. Told him the discomfort was still there. He did a
look see and saw the redness and discharge. I just finished a 10 day regimen
of anti-biotics and anti-fugal medication.

NOTE: In years past I have had an abnormal positive on my Pap Smears, Had a
couple of colposcopys and came back as normal Last one was 8 years ago.
My primary care physician didn't really follow up with additional Pap tests, although
I didn't push. Last time I saw him in Aug 2013 he didn't do one either. His nurse always
had a hard time getting blood drawn. (Now I know the trick is the butterfly needle, no
problem.) It made me nervous to go. So when I had to chose a different healthcare
provider for 2015 I chose a different clinic/Dr.

I have been feeling fatigued during the month of August and Sept. Poor sleeping at
night, only 4-5 hours. Do try to take a nap before I go over to take care of the DGC
and help with homework for the 3rd grader.

Been trying to make him more responsible in doing his homework, but there is the
checking of math and making sure the spelling and punctuation and the
sentences he has to write is correct.

Gave my DD 4 months notice that I will not be doing this after the first of the
year. The older kids after school activities will be done and they will be home
at 3PM when the little one gets home. DSIL works from home so he'll be there
most of the time. Told her if she is a jam I can come over.

Laundry just got to be too much for me these last two weeks. I sit on a chair
in the laundry room when I fold up clothes. The clothes she washed 2 weeks
are still in a folded state but not put away. Not my problem. Gave her notice
last night that I am too tired to do the laundry.

I gave it 9 years of childcare starting at age 59 1/2. Now I'm 68 1/2 and my DH
and I need to have a LIFE.

Back to the fatigue, I called the Radiation Oncologist told him about the fatigue
and asked if I could have a blood test done. Hoping for a transfusion so I am
feeling up to our vacation in mid-Oct.

Hopefully things will be looking up next year and I will feel strong enough to do
some traveling.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have provided a valuable service for so many of us - perhaps even a lifesaving one for some people. Thank you for being so open. And yes, it is time for your family to take on their own responsibilities. Best wishes to you.
    2018 days ago
    nice to have yu on the Sparkly side! ---Yes, my himself is 87--till working----part time--Maybe that's his problem---Oh well--I can't make his day good for him---He is hard of hearing too (partly selective!)----Lynda
    2018 days ago
    Deena, I am late reading this blog because Jim and I are on an extended vacation without much internet access. Anyway.....I hope things have gotten better in terms of fatigue and that everything is okay.
    2084 days ago
    emoticon Prayers that you feel better soon, and if you need a transfusion, I hope you can get it done ASAP. I just had one done yesterday, and it's amazing the difference it's made in my energy level already.
    2097 days ago
    Hope that you get the blood products that you need to get your energy back. Chemo and radiation is a blood killer and they need to stay on that.
    2101 days ago
    2101 days ago
    Hugs and best wishes. And thanks for sharing the important information about this cancer. Like you, I have had a hysterectomy, and my doctor stopped doing pap smears (she had trouble getting a smear from because they removed my cervix). But I was not aware of the symptoms of vaginal cancer. A dear friend had a different vaginal cancer (melanoma) that was asymptomatic until it caused irritation and discharge. We all need to be aware of symptoms that can occur.

    I am so glad you are regaining control of your time. You need the rest and recovery --both the cancer and the treatment both are exhausting.
    2102 days ago
    2102 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Praying for you that you gain your strength back and you remain a survivor

    you mentioned you Atlanta.. we lived there for a while and trying to move back but here excellent things on Cancer Centers of America. perhaps you can find a nutrionist or alternative med doctor who have help you with your tiredness
    2102 days ago
    oh my ... I do hope you get well and cancer reason .... roc
    2102 days ago
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