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Halloween Survey!

Friday, October 09, 2015

Haven't done one of these kinds of surveys in a while! (Link to website: https://www.quizopolis.com/sur

Halloween Survey!

1. Is your birthday in October?

Nope, mine is next month!

2. Do know someone who has a birthday in October?

I know a couple of people who are have birthday's this month. Didn't realize how many there were lol

3. Do you like the weather that comes in October?

The beginning of October is always a little confusing because it kind of goes from warm to chilly, then chilly to warm so much that it is hard to figure out what to wear sometimes. But I love when it starts getting closer to the middle/end because that's when you start getting that wonderful Fall crisp weather!

4. Do you still go trick or treating?

No lol I don't think people would appreciate me ringing their doorbells and asking for candy at my age.

5. What is your favorite costume you have ever worn?

I was Black Widow from Avengers last year. That was pretty fun/awesome! I liked that costume a lot.

6. What will you be this year?

I don't know emoticon But I am supposed to go shopping with my friend on Monday so hopefully I will find something.

7. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being most liked) how much do you like haunted houses?

I have actually never been to a haunted house, but I do want to go to one! So I can't really rate it right now.

8. What is your most memorable moment in a haunted house?

Like I said, never been, but I am sure when I do, me screaming my head off will be one..

9. Are you a person that flies out of the haunted house crying or laughing your head off?

Idk I shall find out soon hopefully!

10. What's your favorite scary movie?

I don't have a favorite favorite, but I do like the Insidious movies. I also liked the first three Paranormal Activity movies. OH! And I remember remake of The House on Haunted Hill freaked me out when I watched it in theaters.

11. Do you watch scary movies alone...and in the dark?

I do, and sometimes I end up thinking to myself "what the heck are you doing..." lol

12. Do you like candy corn?

I don't! And I never learn my lesson. I always end up eating one every year thinking that it may taste different/better this time around. NOPE!

13. Ever been pranked as a halloween joke? If so, what happened?

I don't think I ever have.

14. Have you ever pranked someone to give em' a good halloween scare? What prank did you pull?

No. I am not good at pranks lol

15. In a scary movie, would you be the one who goes to check out the freaky noise upstairs, or the one who is smart and runs? (Not that there are many people in movies who are smart enough to walk away from the direction the noise is coming from...it's what makes a movie a movie, right?)

I would be the one that would run! Ain't no way am I checking out what the freaky noise is. Peace!

16. Do you and a group of friends get together and have scary movie marathons, staying up all night being scared?

Sort of! My friend and I did it last year. She doesn't really like watching scary movies but she decided last year that she wanted to check out a few. I LOVE scary movies so I was like "let's do it!" And we hung out at my place, ordered pizza, and had a little scary movie marathon.

17. Do you go to corn mazes?

I've only been once and I enjoyed it. I would like to go again.

18. If so, do you stick with the non-scary maze, or do you go for the haunted one?

The one I went to was a non scary one, but I would try a haunted one.

19. Going back in time, if you were given the chance to play in any scary movie, which one would you pick?

Ummmm probably one of the Chucky movies. That movie was pretty scary... lol I think my acting skills would have been amazing only cause I would have REALLY been terrified. Authenticity is the key emoticon

20. Do you like the bloody, gory, slasher, run for your life because you're about to get your throat cut open, movie? Or are you for the suspensful, not much blood type?

I like both.

21. Do you find movies like chucky, the puppet master, dolls, etc, extremely dumb?

No, I think those a pretty scary!

22. Is it creepy to you that sometimes they use kid's toys as the murderers?

Of course, that's what makes it even more scary!

23. Are you into carving pumpkins?

I am! Haven't carved in a while, but I've always enjoyed it.

24. Do you roast the seeds and then eat them?

Yes indeed emoticon

25. Have you ever been to a costume dance/party?

Every year for the past 5 - 6 years, we've had a costume party at either my dads place, or my friends place.

26. What is the stupidist scary movie ever made, in your opinion?

Can't think of one right now.

27. What's the best scary movie ever made?

Some of the movies that have been coming out the past few years have been MUCH better than what was coming out before. I don't think I have one that tops them all though.

28. What's the last scary movie you went to see in theatres? Did you like it?

I went to go see Insidious Chapter 3. I did, but unfortunately there were a bunch of rowdy teens that would shut up.. So I think it would have been MUCH scarier if I wasn't distracted from the teens acting silly.

Have fun doing the survey if you do decide to do it!

Happy Friday!
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