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Still Undertall (It's Spring Challenge Time!)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why do I join the 5% Weight Loss Challenges? Here is a list of "Pros" (I can't think of any "Cons").

1. Setting a goal of losing 5% of my starting weight is more attainable. It's easier to reach a long-term goal by getting there 5% at a time. What sounds easier to you? "My goal is to lose 60 pounds in 10 months" OR "My goal is to lose 11 pounds in 8 weeks"? Give me the 8-week goal every time. Losing those 60 pounds will still take roughly 10 months, but I'll have all those 8 week successes to celebrate and rewards to collect!

2. Joining a Challenge means joining a Team. Joining a Team means I won't have to do this alone! I lose weight by myself, but I'm not "alone" on that journey because I have an entire team cheering me on! The team has a collective goal to reach; a destination of a certain number of miles each week. Each minute spent in intentional exercise (or deliberate movement, if you will) equals 1 mile. Each team member logs their daily "miles" (minutes) and competes to reach the destination as fast as possible. It's an individual as well as a team effort. Each individual is important, each individual's exercise matters to the Team as well.

3. Joining a Team also gives me the opportunity to meet new friends and to continue to build strong and meaningful relationships with people who have been on my Team in previous Challenges. Friendships become deeper with each Challenge.

4. When you are a member of a Team all working toward a common goal (weight loss/fitness/strength) you can brag about every triumph in the knowledge that the Team will celebrate each victory with you.

5. When you belong to a Team you can complain about: your lack of motivation, non-supportive family and "real life" friends, your cranky boss, the weather or ANYTHING, and know your Team can often relate to those very same problems. Your Team will sympathize or advise...whatever you need. You can also rely on your Team for prayer requests! Did you know it has been proven that when people pray for someone they don't even know, the prayers work just as well or even better?

6. Need exercise tips, nutrition tips, yummy recipes that your whole family will eat or health tips? Your Team has a boatload of experiences to share with you!

7. Are you celebrating a birthday/anniversary/promotion
/birth? Your Team is more than willing to offer warm wishes and to celebrate with you in the threads you post to. Your Team is there to motivate you, encourage you, push you and have fun with you.

8. Do you feel as though no one you know truly understands what it takes to reach your goal(s)? Your Team knows because every member has been where you ARE. Team members have health and/or mobility problems, they have families to deal with, they are care-takers, they suffer with pain..in other words they are just like you, EXCEPT they joined the 5% Weight Loss Challenge and have an entire Team to help them. In fact, there is an entire community of folks just waiting to say "hello, and welcome".

9. The 5% Weight Loss Challenges helped me to lose 70 pounds in a year. I have diabetes and fibromyalgia. I'm considered a "seasoned adult" (read "older") If I can do it, so can you.


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