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Still Undertall (Special entry for women...and the men who love them)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ladies, did you know there are 8 different body types? I happened upon a website the other day that serves as a guide for dressing your particular body type. (Link posted at end of blog) I used to think I was an 'apple' (as opposed to a pear or a ruler). You know, more body fat through the midsection rather than through the hips and butt area. I thought back to how various female relatives looked (especially as they aged) and saw a distinct 'apple' trend. And you know the old saying: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree; enough said!

I looked at the outlines of the various body types. I read the distinctive traits that comprise each body type and, voila, I am an OVAL. Yep, ovoid, egg-like, wider in the middle, that's me! I read the description and was quite amazed that in my case, 99% of that description was right on the money.

I found the advice on how to dress an oval shape especially interesting and I was quite pleased with myself to see that I make all the correct wardrobe choices. It's good to know when one's instincts are in line.

The more I thought about these 8 body types the more I realized that, short of extensive plastic surgery, I always have been and always will be an oval. Scientists have yet to find a way to transform our genetic material into a more shapely body type. And since I am not a shape-shifter, I cannot look at an hourglass figure and make myself a copy of that hourglass. I can change my hair color, my hairstyle, the color of my eyes (by using contact lenses), and my weight but not my genetic blueprint. I can't and neither can anyone else.

This brings me to the point of my blog entry: No matter what natural or artificial means used to change my outer shell, I will always be me. I can certainly improve my outward appearance, but the fact remains: I am me. The sooner I learn to accept the basic 'me version' the easier it will be to improve. It's kind of like remodeling your kitchen. You start with the basic footprint of the room and then determine what you want to change and if, in fact, what you want to change is structurally feasible. (And if you can afford to make those changes!)

The challenge here is to try to have the most realistic view of yourself as possible. Some people have a distorted body image, and if that is the case there is no change that will truly satisfy them. We have all seen images of people who pushed the diet or plastic surgery envelope way beyond healthy limits. It is not always easy to find your most healthy image, and it helps to know one person who can give you a totally unbiased opinion. A cautionary note here: If you ask for an unbiased opinion, be prepared for the answer---or else don't ask!

I may wish to be an hourglass but knowing that I can one day be a healthier, more fit and toned oval is reason enough to work toward that goal. Sometimes the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is reaching your goal and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.

Oh, and for any men reading this blog: if you enjoy buying your significant other clothing, please buy clothing for her actual body type and not for the body type you wish she had. There is nothing more insulting than to receive a gift of unflattering clothing. (Or jewelry for that matter!)

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    1960 days ago
  • 69NURSE
    Like it or not, I am an oval as well. Not happy with that, as my mother was POKER STRAIGHT but alas, it is what it is. I exercise daily and try to eat pretty well so I will try to accept my fate. LOL Seriously, at my age, I have learned not to be so hard on myself. I can still get up and walk 1-5 miles a day, do some light weights and do my own housework - so I am ok with my overweight status (could really stand to lose 20#, but it just won't come off and I quit worrying about it). Thank you so much for sharing this blog - it was very informative and appreciated.

    Have a wonderful Easter Season. emoticon emoticon
    1967 days ago
    Thanks for sharing...I'm a pear but I'm not buying anything with ruffles. LOL
    1967 days ago
    Great advice for the women (and men) out there!
    1968 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    emoticon Thanks for sharing!! A good reminder Diane
    1968 days ago
  • JOJO2348
    Thank you for sharing - In my early years I was always an avocado and then I just became a whatever - but always heavier on the bottom...as I loose weight - it always comes off first at the top and I am still left with the extra thighs. I didn't know there were 8 body types - Hmmm so what I am I? It doesn't matter as long as I can learn to be happy with me. Thanks again - This was good.
    1968 days ago
    That was fun - I am a pear. A sweet ripe pear! Be who you are! Woo HOO! emoticon
    1968 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3934996
    I always go by Fluffy.. I am not at a bad shape but just like to wear things a little looser than normal .. Crazy... Not at all.. I like to be comfortable but gone are the clothes with 3x to 2x .. I can now go to a store and pick out my clothes.. I better tell the truth.. I may buy one or two things my hubby will go back and buy me other clothes cause I am just afraid it will creep back so I am in caution Mode... Thanks Angel for the info and I am glad to hear from you again... In His Love and Grace Just Me emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1968 days ago
  • CAROL_31649731
    emoticon emoticon Nice blog! Body acceptance is certainly an issue we all deal with, one way or another. And I agree ... being healthier and more fit should be our main goal, no matter what body type we are. I try to remind myself of this everyday. Thanks for sharing!
    1968 days ago
    I always thought of myself as Apple shaped. According to this, I am A straight body type. Interesting read. emoticon
    1968 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I am and always will be a pear, but I am OK with that. Love ones self before you can love another. Work in progress but it is getting easier.
    1968 days ago
    That's emoticon thank you for sharing. emoticon
    1968 days ago
    I always come up Pear Shape. Thanks for the link, this gives me a little more detail on how to dress. Sadly though, the older I get I hate getting dressed up. t-shirt and sweats I'd rather wear these days.
    1968 days ago
  • KRYS210
    This is so cool! emoticon for sharing. Had no idea there were so many variations!
    1968 days ago
  • CGPS1795
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Diane, I really think you nailed it here. Even as a guy, I appreciate the interior work that this blog required and the obvious success results produced!

    Way to go my Zumba Queen!
    1968 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing! I am blessed with an hourglass when I am at or close to my goal weight,but haven't received that blessing in many years..lol...We all need to love who we are NOW so we can truly love who we are later!
    1968 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Thanks for sharing.
    1968 days ago
    Saw a show on Dr. Oz about how they are now changing the body types to something else but I forgot what it was and they are not using fruit to put names to our bodies.
    1968 days ago
    Im also going to post this to my FB.

    I used to be an apple,, strangely or not,, it's changed. WEIRD but I am NOT losing ANYTHING in the bust ! Perhaps even it's getting bigger. I started to gain around 96?? 98??? Something around there. After a bad car accident. I had ALWAYS been very active,, HOPING to be AGAIN . So now my shape is Hour Glass. Guess that's good???

    I am SO THANKFUL this has how to wear the correct clothing. TY SO MUCHERS/ I am also going to send this to the Winter Dawggies,, and once the team is on board for the SPRING Challenge,, I will also them. I also clicked "I Liked this"
    1969 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1969 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154
    That was very cool indeed! I found myself in amidst the 8 figures and I also shared it on my Facebook page. Thank you, for the education!

    >- Nancy Jean -
    1969 days ago
  • BUSYMOM911
    I posted the website to my Facebook page. This is terrific! Thanks.
    1969 days ago
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