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Sunday, May 15, 2016

It is crazy how time flies. Here we are just 6 days left of the challenge. This challenge feels like it has gone particularly quickly, but this is just generally a busy time of the year for me. Throw in a couple of graduations, a slew of senior festivities, a really busy time at work, and ongoing rehabbing of my ankle, and in the blink of an eye, here we are, at the end of the challenge. In the blink of the other eye, I am almost at my goal. Wow, sometimes being busy pays off.

Wait, is it being busy that has resulted in me being successful? Nope, definitely not. I have found that if I am too busy, it derails my efforts because it is hard to find time to plan my meals and my exercise so sometimes has the opposite effect. Is it that I spend so much time at the baseball field watching my kids play that I don't have time to eat? Nope, there is a snack bar. So, what has been the secret to my success, and what was different about "this" time as opposed to the 4,000 other times I had tried and not met my goal? Self-reflection, although my least favorite thing to do in life, is crucial in trying to figure out why what is working for me is working for me to help keep me on track from here on out. Whatever changes I have made can"t be temporary if I want to maintain my success.

As I look back over the last few months and try and figure out where I went right, I realize it has been a matter of prioritizing. Now, I will admit I didn't make a conscious effort to do this (but I will still give myself the credit for it). I have mentioned many times over how I had foot surgery at the end of November. I had my Achilles tendon repaired. Who knew that Achilles tendon rehab was such a big deal?!? Yeah, not me. Having had this same surgery about 15 years ago I assumed it would be similar- a few weeks of rehab, NBD, right? Not so much. Yikes. Who knew that over 5 months later I would still be in physical therapy twice a week and working out almost daily to get where I need to be. It has been a priority, despite all the craziness of this time of year, because it is hugely important to my healing and restoring full function. This has been a tough process but such a blessing in disguise. Before this, I would have never considered going to work out on my way home from work BEFORE making dinner for my family (or letting them eat cereal for dinner). I would have never gone to the gym on a Friday or Saturday night, or even gone at 6am Saturday morning and then again Saturday night. And guess what? My family is no worse off for it and now they actually expect it of me. Wow- this was not an "Aha moment", it was and "Aha 5 months". If only I would have known this when my kids were younger....

Taking time for myself to do what I needed to do is what made the difference. I took the time to exercise, which for me, sets off a cascade of goodness- when I exercise, I eat better, manage stress more effectively, and as a result of both of these things, feel better and am more productive. I wasn't doing it to lose weight per se, but that was the end result and now am almost to my goal. Go me!
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