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June 14, 2016 - Support Group - Removing Bad Habits and Creating New

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today, I attended my monthly Weightloss support group. Topic was Removing Bad Habits and Creating New Habits.


Breathe is the acronym that she used. What is Healthy?

Healthy is being able to breathe which is why they use the acronym. Body needs to be healthy to do what we need or want to do. Our relationships play a big part of our success. Relationships can motivate or demotivate. If we have a positive relationship, it could reflect on our body in a positive way. If we have a negative relationship, it affects the body negatively. Negativity makes it hard to breathe. Positive, we are able to breathe.

Emotions - We can have healthy or unhealthy emotions. Sad or Anger, is it a healthy emotion? Yes it is. Everyone gets sad or mad, but it is how we handle it. Negative reflects negativity, positive reflects positivity.

Activity - We can have healthy and unhealthy activity.

Think - Good or bad thinking

Economics - Financial situation can be positive or negative.

Make a list of bad habits on the left, and positive habits to replace the bad on the right.

Score it 0-10 on motivation. How motivated are you? What will it take to motivate you.

Don't drink enough water. Drink more water

Score: 5. A new water bottle, bottled water, make a vega one shake using 16 oz water... Now just got the protein and got two waters done. Do a zip fizz in a 16 oz water, two more waters done and have energy and B's needed. Do another vega one shake in 16 oz water, on a roll, got 6 waters done and most of the protein done. Blend 4-5 frozen or fresh strawberries with 16 oz of water and you now have yummy fresh strawberry water and 4 16's done, goal met. Eat some lean turkey or chicken for protein for dinner or do another vega one shake an all protein done and additional 16 done or instead of strawberry water, you do your vega one vanilla added to the strawberry and you got it all done.

Creating Small Goals to Reach the bigger goal. Must be obtainable and measurable.

This week goal - add 100 steps to my current daily steps of 1500 steps (one of the examples)
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