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Goodbye to August

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I can't say that I'm unhappy to see August go. It's been hot and humid and rainy. But the heavens are smiling on us today because the last day of August is going to be a perfect day. The sun is shining, the humidity is way down and the temperature will be in the high 70's - exactly how I like it!

Daisy and I had a most excellent walk this morning. I needed my light sweatshirt for most of it. Because it was so nice, we walked just over 2 miles. I love watching her when we go for a walk - she likes to be just a bit in front of me, her tail is going the whole time and she charges on like she's on a very important mission.

This morning I was thinking about all the things I am grateful for - what a list it became.

On the top of the list are my dear Tom and, of course, Daisy. They both require a lot of energy on my part, but it is so willingly given because I receive so much in return.

Then comes my children, stepchild, daughters & son-in-law and those wonderful grandchildren. I don't get to spend as much time with them all as I would like, but the time we have together is precious to me.

I am so very grateful for my health, and Tom's. Sure, we have our aches and pains and those nasty demons that we are constantly fighting off, but for the most part we are both very healthy. My knees give me trouble from time to time, but a couple years ago the Physical Therapist I saw told me "you either have to use them or you will loose them". And how true that seems to be. Last summer I could barely walk a mile and I would have never even tried going up or down the stairs unless it was an emergency. Now I am walking at least 30 minutes each day - and usually make my 10,000 steps; I have no reason to go downstairs so I just do the stairs at least 4 times a day; and I'm on my stationary bike for 15-20 minutes 4 or 5 times a week - it's what I do while watching General Hospital! I've found that if I don't do the bike for a few days, knee pain returns!

I am also very grateful that I found SparkPeople 20 months ago, and have made so many great Spark friends. I may not have lost as much weight as I would like - yet; but I feel so much better every day than I could say a couple of years ago.

There are so many other things to be grateful for - the beautiful flowers, the birds singing, shade from the big tree in the backyard, and many more. But one thing that came to mind this morning that even surprised me: I'm grateful for Netflix, Hulu, and Xfinity DVR that we have recently signed up for. I can record thing I like to watch and when I'm ready to knit I can watch without commercials - what a blessing that is!

What are you grateful for today?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Like you, I have so much for which to be grateful. I am also enjoying the cooler temperatures. There's a nip in the air in the early morning and late evening that I thoroughly enjoy. The leaves are beginning to change color and the light at this time of year takes on a edge of softness that I find pleasing.

    I am thankful for continued improvement on some health fronts. I am thankful that I have managed to maintain my weight despite severely reduced activity for the last 1.5 years. I am thankful for you and my other Spark Friends that have shared the journey.

    I am glad that you and Daisy continue to enjoy your walks. May you enjoy many more!
    1794 days ago
    you have a lot to be grateful for---- me too---- and I appreciate yer support on Spark--- Lynda
    1796 days ago

    Hope you have a lovely fall and continue to enjoy your walks with Daisy!
    1796 days ago
    I too...totally LOVE my sparkling friends...they are SUCH a godsend. During this whole vacation debacle, they were right there for me. My fleshy friends aren't nearly so empathetic so I don't often discuss deeply personal things with them

    My BFF died of colon cancer years back and I must say, it's hard to develop that special kind of friendship. Even though my friends are very long term (most of them I've known over 25 years) they seem to be more of the superficial type of friendships. Kind of 'don't tell me your problems because I might develop some of my own and I don't want to THINK about that ever happening. You know what I mean.

    I do have many, many things I am grateful for and write at least 10 every night in my Gratitude Journal. Tonight I shall write:

    A hurricane free season (knock wood)
    Our A/C fixed and the $ to do it
    A wonderful husband (most of the time)
    Living in a BEAUTIFUL town with BEAUTIFUL weather
    Netfix, HBO NOW, and even live T.V. I can put on hold and then shed commercials
    A beautiful home
    A creative brain that still works well
    An open mind that loves learning new things
    The ability to retail therapy shop when I want more steps in
    Great steaks on the grill tonight

    That's my 10 for tonight...I swear we could both go on and on my friend!
    1797 days ago
    I am grateful for so many things in my life dear friend…..right now too many to count. ;o)
    1797 days ago
    Thank you for making us think of all that we have that we are grateful for.

    Today I am grateful that I had a good review at work and I get to do something that I enjoy. That we have the windows open and fresh air coming in as compared to a/c on. I am grateful for the fact that even though I dropped my tea and it spilled on the driveway, I did get to enjoy half of it.
    1797 days ago
    My family and the ability to move mostly pain free
    1797 days ago
    I love your style of writing. I got a very clear picture of your walk and Daisy on her mission! emoticon

    I'm so happy for you that your health and activity levels has improved so much. That is the best case outcome at any stage of our self improvement. It's great that you have so many avenues to compare to.

    Today I am thankful for coffee! I had a slow start this morning and got out of bed late. I went for my morning walk where it was wet out. Sadly, I have no equivalent of Daisy to be letting no stump left unsniffed.

    Have a great rest of August! Here comes September!
    1797 days ago
  • GRACED777
    I'm thankful for family, friends, a good dr's report last week, being back on Internet at home, good weather, low cal but tasty recipes, learning more about good relationships nature, the Bible...
    1797 days ago
    My children. My 8 year old and I had a sleepover at my 22 year olds apartment. (Although I'm still doing the cooking/cleaning)! Loving every minute!
    1797 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!
    1797 days ago
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