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What a Day today has been

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Daisy and I started our day early, I was up by 6 a.m. this morning. The last 3 days has been perfect weather for early morning walking, it's so fresh and cool and NOT humid. We've pushed our walks to just over 2 miles - an increase from our standard 1 1/2 miles. Yesterday the ponds were so still with just a misty cloud above them. We saw a family of ducks - at least I thought it was a family - swimming together, they looked so peaceful. There was dew drops on the tall grasses and when the sun shone they lit up like diamonds; on the ferns of the evergreen trees too. Daisy met a new friend, I think he was a Great Dane. He was so big, probably 3 times her size. But she wanted to meet him and his owner said it was okay. They were nose to nose for a bit, then the big guy moved and little Daisy was scared. He didn't try to do anything, just moved. But I'm sure she thought "if he stepped on me I'd be crushed".

But after our walk things started to decline. We needed to get new tires for our car before we travel to Wyoming at the end of this month. Tom thought if we got to Costco when they opened we could get right in. That didn't happen. Then he found out that the estimate he got about 5 days ago was no longer valid - and the tires went up by about $40. And the kid (maybe 20 at best) tried to talk him into a cheaper tire with a longer warranty. Tom did a lot of research before he decided on what tire he wanted and he knows a lot about cars. We went with his first choice.

While he was doing that I went to pick up my prescriptions that were supposed to be ready by 3 p.m. the day before - they weren't ready!

Then we went over to Wal-Mart to pick up some yarn that I bought on line and had delivered to the store so I didn't have to pay shipping. It reminded me why I rarely shop at Wal-Mart. The sign said someone would be with us in 3 minutes once we tapped the button on the credit card machine - that didn't happen. After 7 or 8 minutes Tom went looking for help. Lesson learned - I'll never do that again.

When we got home we took in the mail and were notified that Tom no longer is eligible for MnSure, which is the state assisted health insurance, which means we have to figure out what to do and how to come up with the additional cost for his insurance, which will probably be substantial.

At this point it felt like since nothing was going my way today I may as well get my hands in the dirt and take care of some more weeds. In the last 3 days I have finally weeded all the front flowers - which hasn't been done in 2 years. Last summer I had a broken foot and never did get to it. It's done now and I will have a lot of work to do come spring, but it looks good now. I have also gotten the back flower garden weeded and am attaching a photo of the last of the flowers - Cosmos and Zinnias. There are Marigolds in the front but they aren't blooming very much yet. The just sparkle in the sunshine and it looks like they are smiling at me!

Last I've started tackling the vegetable garden. It just hasn't done well again this year, and I've decided this is the last year. I told my husband and he said "Yeah, right!" I told my daughter today and she also said "Yeah, right!" But I know my limits and I'd rather put my focus on the flowers which bring me joy than on the vegetables that need more work than I have the energy to give them. I love gardening in the spring, and I enjoy cleaning thing up in the fall - but the whole July/August time is not my favorite time to be outside.

I also took the time to put out the solar lights that I bought last April! First the ground was still too frozen, then we traveled to Galveston, then the whole thing with my MIL and her funeral, then the humidity came. All excuses, I know, but the time was right today. I don't think they have been out long enough to charge but maybe tomorrow night I'll see all those pretty lights by my flowers.

So I thought the day would finish up quiet, I came in to watch a little TV and zap - no electricity. I did what every smart person should do when they can't watch TV - I took a nap and apparently needed it. But after 1 1/2 hours, still no electricity. So Tom and I decided to go to our favorite little bar for dinner. We had a lovely waitress who was so cheerful that you couldn't be crabby. We had a delicious meal, as always. And we spent the time "reframing" our day. Tom always got a bit irritated at me when I tried to find the bright side of every problem, but he's now working on "reframing" things - which is essentially the same thing. So here is my reframing:

1) The tires being more expensive - well, we got the tires we wanted and they drive really nice.

2) The prescription not being ready - we had to go back anyway so no big deal.

3) Wal-Mart - I've got nothing on this except think twice before every trying it again.

4) Tom's health insurance - I have a great guy who helped me with my Medicare & Supplemental Insurance, I'm sure he can help us with Tom's. And I will be reducing the level of coverage for myself for 2017 which should help pay the extra for Tom.

5) Electricity outage - we got out for dinner, had a great time, and unplugged for a few hours!

So it was a challenging day but I think we won in the end! Now I'm off to watch a Hallmark movie - you know the ones where they always find true love in the end and their problems are magically solved in only two hours with all the love and support they need from family and friends. I figure why live in Reality when you can spend 2 hours In Hallmark-land!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Trust me I truly understand what your day was like. Have had many of them in the past and sure many more are in my future

    I went online and did a big search for the tires my husband wanted and got a great deal . think the place was tires.com or something like that. Saved us several hundred dollars plus we got a rebate card from the manufacturer. They give you a choice of if you want the tires installed at one of their places or if you want them shipped to a specific place for someone else to install

    we had them shipped to our house but them in the back of the truck and our regular mechanic installed them for 60.00

    Lots of places are changing the coverage .. you might not have to lower your options for health insurance as some companies do the family plan and things balance out by having a slightly higher deductible. you might also look into a supplementary policy which will pick up extras your policies do not cover in full .. trust me it can be a blessing
    1793 days ago
    Great job of reframing. Those flowers are beautiful. Like how you're focusing on what brings you joy and letting unneeded drudgery go. Thanks for being a positive example today!

    Dee emoticon
    1793 days ago
    You did have a day! I liked that you ended by reframing your day. I need to do that more often. Thanks for the great post--I wish you the best on solving your issues. Maybe try Walmart at a different time, different day. When I need to go there, I go on Tuesday or Thursday early in the morning. But you are correct about 3 or 4 of their 22 checkout lanes open!
    1794 days ago
    Oh my gosh! When it rains it pours! emoticon What a day indeed!

    I haven't had luck with my vegetables this year either. Last year, I had so many cherry tomatoes, I didn't need to buy store bought tomatoes the whole season. This year, I've had maybe 5 measly tiny cherry tomatoes total - lol. I think it's because we tried the organic potting soil this year. Lesson learned, next year we'll stick with the Miracle Grow.

    I really dislike Walmart too! I don't like shopping there on principle (I'd rather shop mom and pop), but occasionally I have to. The area where I live isn't exactly rural, but it's not totally civilized either - lol. It's in that in between stage to suburban. So sometimes Walmart is the only choice around when I need storage containers (like today). It is always a nightmare experience. They always have too few cashiers. People are lining up down the aisles, but the general manager is too cheap to hire more staff or something. It takes about 30 minutes or more to go through the line in the evening, and yet there are available cashier stalls unopened. The self-checkout lanes don't help either - always people with 100 items.

    And what's with the power outage! I had my power on during a Tropical Storm! emoticon But good for you that the hubby had to take you out on date night because of it! Sounds like a nice way to end a crazy day! emoticon
    1794 days ago
    I just began watching American Crime on Netflix….It is suppose to be a fantastic series. I will let you know!
    1794 days ago
    Ha...ha...you ARE a dear emoticon heart! Sometimes things just go SO SOUTH all you can do is laugh. It's SO much better than going berzerk and just making everything worse! I agree...I'd go for the flowers any time over more work with the veggies. You can only do so much and so do what makes YOU happy! emoticon

    Speaking of...I bought the BEST refrigerator magnet...it's very colorful and says "Do more of what makes you happy!" I get a look at that every morning as I prepare my delish cup of Joe and doggone it I plan to just DO it this year!

    I've spent SO much....SO MUCH of my life making other people happy it is FOR SURE my turn now! Life stops for no one so we MUST realize our time is precious and not to be selfish with ourselves in claiming what we need for US! emoticon

    What is the name of your ETSY shop?...I totally LOVE ETSY! I don't have anything on it but have thought about it from time to time.

    I also love Pinterest and have a spot on there for our consignment gallery called Bobbi Anne's Found Objekt Gallery...BUT I must say...lots of my pins have bled over to my personal interests. emoticon

    1794 days ago
    Hang in there!
    1794 days ago
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