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A perfect fall evening

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Daisy and I just got in from playing ropes. It's been a sunny, cooler day with nominal humidity. Right now it's absolutely perfect. We're nearing dusk - it's coming so much earlier these days. Last night I was gone fro 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. so Daisy and I had to play our ropes by the garage light and a flashlight. Same fun for her, more challenging for mom trying to find the rope in the dark.

But tonight someone must be burning because the outdoors smells like a campsite. My favorite thing of all time is to sit outside at dusk watching a roaring fire in the cooler fall evenings. Can't do to much of that anymore. Now we have to buy the wood for the fires and the last times we went camping there were so many people who have a different idea of what camping is all about. We do have an outdoor fire pit and lots and lots of stacked wood but when you sit outside in my back yard you can hear all the traffic noise - it's not as relaxing as it once was.

Today Tom and I each had an appointment at 10 a.m. so we both needed transportation. He naturally took the truck so I could drive the car. I'm not much of a Truck gal, most times I'd just rather walk! It's a good thing HE was the one driving because he was just getting to his destination, had to brake in order to turn into the lot, and the brakes failed. Now, I know that the thing to do in that case is pull up on the emergency brake - BUT, I would have been way too freaked out to think it at that time. We just had the rear brakes done in June, which wasn't cheap. Our Truck is now at the Muffler & Brake place waiting to be repaired which will cost us about the same as the entire trip to Roanoke.

Since last Friday we have had one calamity after another, many of them small calamities but some - like the brakes - pretty big ones. I'm running out of positives. However, I am very grateful that it was Tom driving, not me; and that he knew what to do and executed it perfectly!

The other thing we've been dealing with this week is healthcare. Tom is loosing his healthcare as of Sept 30th. The Minnesota program he's been on has apparently failed and is closing. He is eligible for a reduced premium if he buys through MnSure (Minnesota's Affordable Care Act program). Well, the ACA is absolutely not affordable. Even with the reduced premium we will be paying over $200/mo with a $6500 deductible and Tom NEVER goes to the doctor, so it is unlikely he will ever get close to $6500 before he is eligible for Medicare. A dilemma for sure. I honestly had no idea. I knew that insurance was going up for my kids but I've been on Medicare for the past 2 years with a wonderful supplemental plan and Tom was enrolled in MinnesotaCare - a program for lower income individuals. Makes me wonder now how things are for people in other states????

I've never been a big fan of insurance. I know it's necessary in so many areas and even helpful but I'd rather put that money away in my own account to be available if I should ever need it.

Well, I'm looking for positives in all this. My Spark friend Fredie puts things out to the Universe so I'm going to try that one, since this is obviously bigger than my brain can manage. And I'm going to ask the Universe if we could possibly be done with all the bad news now, since it's been a full week of unsettling things! I am letting go of the worry, because worry does no one any good and I am going to sit back and see how things play out!
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    Kathy....soooooo sorry to hear about the brakes on the truck! I HATE big repair bills that are unexpected. We had to pay out a BOATLOAD of money on our SUV before we left for vacation on the timing belt...SO expensive! With the money we paid on that vacation from hell and the truck repair before we left we could have taken a beautiful Meditterean cruise. No more money will be spent for punishment...that is my solemn promise to myself!

    I have really cheap insurance through Obamacare. I got it figured out through an agency that helps with this type of thing called Navigators. Hopefully, you might have one in your state. I absolutely agree with you about paying out premiums when I stay away from doctors at ALL costs. I just pray I can keep myself healthy under my own self-care

    I've seen so many of my good friends go in for treatments get on meds or chemo or radiation and they are dead within the year! emoticon It's downright frightening and I always tell people the medical profession is a business...BIG BIG business...think about it before you become their meal tickets.

    Of course, everyone thinks I'm nuts...but I know it's true! I've seen it in action over and over again.

    I hope you get these little bumps in the road smoothed over...keep the faith and I too think that when we ask the universe, or our angels, or our creator for help we shall receive it! emoticon
    1788 days ago
    It's hard Eh? And the older we get--the fewer dollars there are---more stress!--Plus we can't seem to do all we used to do so it costs $$$ to hire the work out--- I hear you--!!! Guess we need to keep smiling--I really think we are all in this together--- Lynda
    1788 days ago
    Scary about the brakes - glad Tom knew what to do. I laughed at your description of playing ropes using flashlights - "more challenging for Mom" I'm sure it was! I am really noticing the change in daylight - sun comes up later in the mornings and goes away faster at night - losing almost 3 minutes of daylight every day at this time of year. I find it very challenging and have been consistent with my morning walks to make sure I get the natural sunlight for my mental health. I get to dog sit starting on Sunday and I look forward to my extra walks while I have the beagle.

    I am fortunate with my health insurance and don't know what my choices would be if I had to get my own. One thing you mentioned about having your own account made me think of the situation where you can have a high deductible plan and then put money in your own heath savings account (HSA). That may be an option to consider. I remember when my parents retired at the early ages of 55 and 58 and the health insurance dilemma - once they had coverage that cost over $6,000 up front and then nothing seemed to be covered. They said it would have been better to just put the money in the bank and pay for things as they came up. Good luck with finding a solution.

    I love fire pits and sitting around a fire too - maybe even roasting a marshmallow or two as well! Take care - give Daisy an extra pet on the head from me (I love reading about her.) emoticon

    1788 days ago
    Okay dawlink….It is out there on my part….WHooooooosh, Hail to the Universe!!! Now, let's see what happens. I met a woman with her 6 year old beautiful golden. Her and her hubby have no children, just this beautiful golden who goes EVERYWHERE with her. We ended up talking for over an hour, I told her about Lucy, Sundae and just about Golden's in general. We became fast friends, exchanged #'s and hopefully she will me Lucy Lou on our walks to Ross next week. Funny, you usually have some idea of how her Golden is connected to who, Marin is a small community. But never ran into her before. And Kathy, Her hair is the same color as her Golden, Rosie. Blond and wavy. I told her believe dogs look like their owners except in Lucy's case, I am not too sure about that one! HAHAHAHA!
    1789 days ago
    Do put it out to the universe and set the worry aside as best you can. emoticon

    The brake situation is scary. Great news is Tom is fine and it wasn't you behind the wheel of the truck. emoticon
    1789 days ago
    That is scarey with the brakes. i have also had all the small and large things going on in the last few weeks and it makes you wonder what is next

    Have you tried contacting AARP for a rate. sometimes they give good deals for members
    1789 days ago
    Oh no! Not another bad day! The brakes going out is scary - I'm glad you are alright!

    I don't like our healthcare either. We also have a high deductible plan, and that is with full time employment. I don't know what the right answer is, but I'm not happy with the way things are. My husband is British, and the last time I talked with his aunt, she just had knee surgery. I noted quite enviously that she talked about the procedure, and her recovery, but she never mentioned bills, co-pays or deductibles. There has to be a better way than what we've got.

    A turn in your luck is coming soon, I know it. Hang on tight in the meantime! emoticon
    1789 days ago
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