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10 Day Check-in with the Doctor

Saturday, April 01, 2017

I saw Dr. Pui yesterday afternoon. The bandages have been taken off and just a few tape strips have been put over my stitches. Apparently, they will dissolve on their own eventually. I can't take a bath (like I could get into OR out of a bath tub right now) but everything else is good. She said I was healing very well!

But for this visit I left the cane at home and took the walker. I knew I would be walking through the lobby, down a hallway and taking the elevator up to the 4th floor where I would probably be walking again down a long hallway to the exam room. While I CAN walk with the cane, I don't feel very safe or steady yet.

When we were done, Tom got the car and I waited outside to be picked up - feeling rather exhausted. Now here's a time when it's good to be married to someone who can thing of every possible scenario - my dear husband brought my ice pack in a cooler which was a godsend for the ride home. That little bit of walking - more than I can really do in my house, really wore me out.

To celebrate, we stopped for coffee and a donut! Yes, a rich, sweet, tasty, full of fat & calories donut - the kind with cream filling and chocolate frosting on top. OHHHH it was so good, so filling, and I'll probably not have another one for months! But some event just need to be celebrated with donuts!

I tried to do without my narcotics overnight but that didn't work. The whole evening I was in moderate pain. Dr. Pui said I could take a little more Tylenol, which I did. My body crashed at 10 p.m. and I slept hard..... for ONE HOUR. Woke up to pretty intense pain. Apparently, I'm not as tolerant to pain as I thought! I took 2 at 11 p.m. and 2 more at 3 p.m., only 1 when I woke this morning along with the Tylenol. I will keep working on this because I really do want to be rid of the narcotic as soon as possible.

But all night long I had so many things swirling around in my head. Both the Physical Therapist and the Doctor thought I was doing very well, better than anticipated actually. Yet here I am thinking - okay, maybe I can walk with the cane but what about projects that need to be done; how long will it take me to feel well enough to clean the house; am I really going to be able to go out to church next Friday night to enjoy an evening with friends; is there certain foods that I should be eating more of to help the healing process; what exactly IS the healing process; when can I go shopping again; am I doing enough fitting in my exercises both morning and evening and icing at least 4 times a day; what more can I do to help the swelling go away; and on, and on, and on. My brain didn't stop all night long. It fell asleep exhausted a few times and slept for 20 - 40 minutes.

So here is my answer to my multiple questions - if anyone has better suggestions I'd love to hear them. I will be able to do all these things when it's time! My body will know. For example, I thought I could get rid of the raised toilet seat today but after spending a night going into the bathroom at least a dozen times, I realized that while I didn't need the toilet seat raised I DID need the handles to help me get up! As for my schedule - I plan to do my first set of exercises by 11:00 a.m. icing my raised leg after, and my 2nd set around 4 p.m. I can do a 3rd icing during General Hospital, and my 4th during my evening television and/or relaxation. I might add some seated upper arm exercises mid-day next week hopefully 3 times per day - my arms get a pretty good workout hauling me in and out of chairs but the rest of my upper body could use some work!

And so I enter day 12 of healing. I suppose I am doing quite well only 12 days after my body has experienced such a traumatic experience. Oh, I saw the x-ray of my new knee yesterday - it's so shiny and perfect!!! I'm one lucky girl!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just catching up with three days of your blogs - emoticon for YOU!! You are doing so well and your attitude - that you will get back to "normal" acitivities when your body is ready - makes such perfect sense. Hope you have a nice sunny day soon to sit outside with Daisy and think of all the fun you two will be having with that new knee! emoticon
    1582 days ago
    Woo~hoo..and a well-deserved celebration! emoticon You are doing so well...just be a little patient and remember that healing is a process. I'd be sure you are getting plenty of Vit. C, E, B, & D. Those are all super healing vitamins. I would just live each day in the moment and appreciate how very far you have come. You will continue to heal at your own pace and in your own way. Just keep doing healthy eating and your exercises. I'm SO proud of your progress! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1583 days ago
    one day at a time.
    1584 days ago
    Congrats on your progress. While I can appreciate your desire to return to normal as soon as possible, please don't rush--and that includes cutting down on medication. If you can't rest because of pain, you're not helping your body heal. You'll soon be off the medications, as you heal, so let them help you now.
    1584 days ago
    It sounds like they're happy with your progress! emoticon How sweet of Tom to think of the little things that helped you out so much.
    1584 days ago
    Hey ... when the doctor's are excited about the progress that's a good sign.

    I was going to suggest some upper body work and you already see it ... emoticon

    You've got this, woman! Keep up the good work!! emoticon
    1584 days ago
    It's been a while since I've had a donut, but you picked the one that I love best, and you savored it. I know you're grateful for a lot of things right now, but I know I'd be saying a teeny thank-you to the universe for a fresh donut when you needed it most.

    The healing and rehab are on track, and now you're feeling some better but not better better. This will take time, and projects will be there and will get done when they get done, and this might be a perfect time to think of that expression from the Beck books: "Oh, well." Be patient, manage the pain, and remember...baby steps!
    1584 days ago
    YOu'll get steadier on the quad can Takes practice and time.
    1584 days ago
    Wonderful celebration, a donut with chocolate and filled, yum, but I would want the caramel icing. Yes, I would think by now that you shouldn't be having that much pain, but I have never had knee surgery, I've had Achilles heel repair, carpal tunnel, and shoulder replacement, but not knee, and I couldn't take pain meds. at all cause they couldn't find one that didn't make me sick. At least I didn't have to worry about relying on them, but I do have a very high pain resistant level. That sure came in handy, except child birth, now that was a different story. lol
    1584 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing awesome! Sorry that it is still so painful for you, hopefully that will abate quickly. Best wishes!
    1584 days ago
    Sounds like the Dr. is happy with your progress. Congratulations to you and Tom for giving you such good care! Stick with it. emoticon emoticon
    1584 days ago
    that's wonderful news!
    1584 days ago
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