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Still Undertall (With the Equation for Success)

Saturday, June 03, 2017

This morning I read the following instructions in a team post: "Please set up your tracker by coping the following template". Obviously the author meant to key the word "copying", but his brain was working faster than his fingers could type. That happens all the time. I find minor typos in almost everything I read (although not always in my own writing!) but even copy editors miss typos and incorrect punctuation. And the self-correcting feature on my cell phone has given me plenty of trouble!

You know, this little minor typo of the word "copying" made me giggle a bit. Then I stopped giggling and realized that I am perpetuating an unhealthy behavior.

In times of stress we all adopt a coping mechanism to help us get through a rough patch, and it is a very necessary behavior. There are situations in life that require development of a coping mechanism to keep one's equilibrium. However, when you allow a coping mechanism to continue even though you know how to change a situation, it can become an unhealthy behavior.

Coping with the numbers representative of my weight is a mechanism I've been using for the past few challenges and I realize that in my quest to improve my mind and sharpen my skills I have been "coping" with the pounds that have kept creeping up! I am tired of coping with the numbers on the scale!. It's time to step up and shed my coping mechanism.

I am unhappy about the extra pounds, but I am happy that I have a plan to change that. I am pleased that the "extra "gravitational" pull does not stop me from moving more, or engaging in weight training, or any additional activity. Those extra pounds have no affect on how my clothing fits. Despite those regained pounds I still feel fit. Now it's time for me to stop coping and take action.

I have a good SYSTEM in place for choosing healthy foods and consistent exercise. I have the SUPPORT of my husband, family, friends and my Champions in the Kitchen Team members. Why did those pounds creep back? The answer is simple: no ACCOUNTABILITY on my part. The system works. The support is at the highest level!

When accountability is missing from the success equation our progress slows and even stops, and momentum fades away. So I am stepping up my game. I am going to put all my focus on accountability because I already have the two other components. I will be accountable for every morsel of food and liquid I take in. I will be accountable for every minute of exercise and movement I perform. I will be accountable for my attitude and acceptance of myself and others,

I will succeed. Follow this equation in every area of your life: SYSTEM + SUPPORT + ACCOUNTABILITY = SUCCESS. Each piece is critical to your overall success, so be certain your priorities are in place and you will succeed. We'll succeed together!
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