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One Month on Atkins: Results

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today is the official 4 week anniversary of my Atkins Lifestyle Change.

Beginning weight 175.8
Today's weight 167.8
For a weight loss total of 7.4 pounds

Loss in inches: .5 " in waist and 1" in hips

Fasting Blood Sugar - was consistently 114
now haven't seen higher than 97 most often in the low 90s

I will admit to eating a handful of unsalted nuts a couple of times. They aren't allowed on the first phase of Atkins, though they aren't high in carbs. A lot of people are sensitive to one nut or another and that can slow or stop weight loss and in the weeks (there were 2) that I did eat them, I lost little, if any weight, so I may very well be sensitive to one or more of the nuts (they were mixed nuts that included pistachios, pecans, brazil nuts, and cashews). I vow not to do that in the next 4 weeks, which begin today, and see if i lose more than I did when I "cheated."

I am eating large, satisfying meals and feel like a million bucks. Guess sugar issues were what was taking my energy, depressing me, and giving me "brain fog." Went to our local fairgrounds last night and drank 32 ounces of water. Walked all night. We stayed longer than we had planned. I ate before I left home and planned to eat a snack when we got home, but when we got home I was bushed and went straight to bed. Therefore I broke an Atkins "rule" of not going 5 waking hours without eating something and this morning my fasting blood sugar was 97 which is higher than it normally is. I went 7 hours without eating and then slept 8 hours so my body had to kick out some glucose into my bloodstream to give me the energy to get up and going this morning. In all the days before this, my sugar was 94 or below except for the beginning couple of days.
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