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Friday, November 17, 2017

I'm still losing, not huge amounts but every week has put me to a "new low". On Wednesday I received another 4-in-a-row charm at TOPS for having losses four weeks in a row. Now to get past that.
We went to the Vancouver Fan Con last weekend, had such a great time. We packed our lunch and snacks both days. We went to an English style pub for dinner, I had a salad without the goat cheese. I had actually eaten nearly enough to not eat further but ate half a salad to be social anyway. My bestie and I got to meet some actors from a Canadian TV show we had loved in our teens, that was totally the highlight. She super hated her photos. I've been very supportive on her weight loss journey, and encouraging and not taking any excuses from her. (I know darn well she can do this.) Since September she's now had 8 losses in a row and a loss of more than 10 pounds. We've made plans to attend another Con next April in Calgary, (woo-hoo Girls Weekend!!), and she wants to make sure she will like any pictures taken while there. I talked her into buying a hoodie that's a bit snug, (but she loved it and the vendor didn't have a bigger size), told her to hang it up and look at it daily over the next five months we have. To inspire her and encourage her. I'm really very proud of her, I know she's been ready to leave our group many times and I've always reminded her she could lose weight if she really, really wanted to.
I've changed my weight goals here to be at my goal weight by April 22, the last weigh in before our holiday in Calgary. It's 13.1 pounds, completely do-able if I don't slack and let the excess of the holidays derail me.
And the holidays are fast approaching. I will be making up an assortment of goodies for my family as normal. I no longer have any tight pants, all are loose so I've decided I'll be popping in the mouth guard when the cookies, etc. come out of the oven so I'm not tempted. Not even one. I'm going to try to save treats for the big day and still be sensible about it. I won't have the rum and eggnog calories this year as I don't eat eggs so at least I won't have the extra booze calories I'm normally imbibing this year.
This is me with the members of the Degrassi Jr High cast, it was such a hoot to meet them. I'm slim enough that "Joey" was able to put his arms entirely around me!!!

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