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Sleeping Tip for better Health

Friday, January 05, 2018

In recent years I have been suffering from lack of sleep. Too often I wake up to something that goes thump in the night. I wake up, and then it takes way too long to fall back asleep. There have been some nights and so many noise distractions, it takes me hours to fall back asleep.

The biggest distraction is the snoring that pours from my significant others mouth. She rolls over and passes out in a heart beat. Shortly after, the sawing of countless logs begins and lasts throughout the entire evening. Amazingly, she can't hear her own snoring and I cannot hear myself snore.

I know there are many touted cures out there but I am quite skeptical. They are magically priced a tad too expensive, but not so expensive you aren't willing to try one as a test. If it fails, oh well, you didn't go broke, but your wallet does take a hit. We even went to see our doctor to see if maybe there was some hidden problem, but all the test results came back nominal, we are normal.

The evening is a repeating cycle. We fall asleep and I wake up to her snoring. I give a gentle nudge with my big toe to see if that can stop the buzz saw. Nothing. I try again, harder. After several tries, finally, she rolls over and the snoring stops but only because I woke her. Now, two of us are awake and upset. I try do doze off again. Later, the process starts again. Next morning, both of us are in a bad mood. Not enough sleep.

This has been going on for the last few years and I have gotten to the point I need a serious solution. Searching the Internet produces the same net results, overpriced promises. Some suggestions are to lose weight. Okay, how do you get the significant other to lose weight just to test the theory? Ain't going to happen.

Back to the Internet.

Doing more reading, I again come across the suggestion to try earplugs. I have tried earplugs in the past and found them to be uncomfortable. I do more reading. Ah-ha! Maybe not enough reading. I do find a site that discusses the various types of earplugs. I read further and discover some things I didn't know about before. There is a thing called db rating, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). To make a long story short, the higher the db NRR, the better. Also, size, shape, and material are factors. I know what I have tried, so I go back to the store and try some plugs I haven't tried before. I find some 33db earplugs and give them a try.

Testing-1-2-3. I tried them for three nights and was surprised I could not hear my wife's snoring any more. The plugs look painful, but turned out to be the best fitting for me and the quietest. I tested them for a whole week. I also tested other plugs and I found that I can hear the difference between 32 db and 33 db plugs. I am getting better sleep now. No, I am actually getting perfect sleep! Finally a solution. I am now used to the plugs and I buy a bag at a time because they do eventually wear out. The photo below is what works for me.

Good sleep leads to good health and a happier marriage.
Good luck with your sleep solutions. I have found mine.
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    What a great solution. I've just put up with it, lying awake until finally...I fall asleep.
    332 days ago
    Good for you! I need to find my sleep solution now!
    1302 days ago
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