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Summer Goals--Reset

Friday, June 08, 2018

Several SparkFriends recently reset and restarted their plans, and I've realized it's time for me to follow their lead. I've gained about four pounds in the past month or so, and don't want that trend to continue. I know the cause for my weight gain...I had some illnesses and some emotional family turmoil in the spring months...but things have improved and I have no excuses now. It's time to get back on track!

After debating about it in my own mind, I've reset my weight ticker. How does everyone decide about that? Do you change your weight ticker every time you weigh yourself? Or do you only record when you've lost, so you see a continued downward trend? My weight can vary five pounds within a week, even when I'm staying on my plan. I used to follow my own rule that I would wait until I saw a number that showed a loss on the scale at least twice before I would record it in SparkPeople. But that involves writing it on a calendar and keeping track in two places. I wonder if that extra effort is worth it. Maybe it's better to see the ups and downs on my SparkPage. I used to think I shouldn't get "credit" for a loss of a pound if it wasn't "real, " but then...what credit is there, really? It's just a tracking tool, like our food tracker for tracking calories. Some days are under and some may be over...it's just a tool for our own accountability. I feel a twinge of guilt when I see the wrong weight on my SparkPage, if I've gained a few pounds...like I'm being dishonest or something. So, I'm thinking that in the future I may just change my weight ticker frequently (probably several times a week). This means that SparkFriends will see it fluctuating up and down in my Friend Feed, and I may get congratulations from SparkPeople for losing that same pound more than once, but I think it may help me in the long run to keep accountable if I stick to accurate numbers on my page.

I've decided to say OUT LOUD my specific goals for this summer:

1) Get under 200 pounds by September 1st. That means I would like to lose 13 pounds, to get to 199, by that date. You may laugh, but it's almost scary to say it out loud! hehe. It's been years since I've seen that number on the scale. But it's a goal, and I want this summer to be the one where I make continuous progress and get to Onderland! It should be doable, if I just stick to my plan. The calorie calculator says I can achieve this goal if I stay between 1,210 - 1,560 calories a day. In prior attempts I think I may have actually restricted my calories too much to be reasonable, and tried to stay at around 1,100 calories. I could do it some days, but then would fall off the plan after a few weeks and not even record my meals on days when I knew it would be over. This time I plan to record even on days when I'm over the range, and allow myself some higher end days along the way, so I won't feel deprived. As far as food choices, I generally do best with high protein, lower carb, high fiber foods, so I'll emphasize those in my choices.

2) Exercise. That's a dreaded word for me! I've never enjoyed exercise, but I recognize it helps with weight loss. So my goal is to do some form of exercise at least three times a week. I found some free on-demand videos with my cable company that seem doable...some yoga, walking videos, and beginners exercises. I can do them from home, so no excuses not to do a few at least three times a week, even during the summer when it is hot. It's a practice that I need to start, so that it turns into a habit. I would appreciate encouragement on this one...this will be the toughest one for me!

So, that's my plan. Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone the best with whatever plan works for them and whatever goals they may be working on. Have a great summer!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PICKIE98
    I do like to show my loss on my ticker, though..
    1124 days ago
    If you weigh every day, it will probably help you remember if you always add it to the tracker here. You'll find that most of your friends aren't really focused on that number, but totally involved in their own weight loss. Unless there's an announcement in the friend feed that you've lost some weight, they won't be aware!
    1140 days ago
    I just reset every time I rejoin Sparkpeople, and record my weight every week or two, regardless of what it is. As long as the longer-term trend is downwards, I'm happy. The problem is that weight DOES fluxuate a lot, so there's no hard and fast rule. A benefit of weighing in daily/2-3 times a week is you can note reassuring trends (my weight always increases or I won't lose the week or two around my period). And it sounds like that's a good plan for you, because tracking the day to day gives you less stress.

    If your last "official" weigh in looks wrong, that's not precisely true - your actual weight is somewhere between your higher and lower points. Remember, if you see a record low, it's a new low! You're making progress, even if you don't see it again for a little while, until a new low.

    Definitely have a few cheat days, and don't feel guilty about eating more than allotted if you accidentally do - the guilt and yoyo effect does more damage. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, some days we really do need more calories, and sometimes an excess is what we need to reassure our bodies that it's all good, food isn't overly scarce, and it's thus happy to drop more weight. (Plus it takes sustained extra calories to gain weight, periodic excess is just dropped).

    What helps me is to drop the word "exercise" and just think of it as activity. Even stretches help, and they immediately feel good! The best thing to do is find things you enjoy, which is why jazzercise and stuff is so popular. It does help with weight loss, but more than that, it boosts mood, increases energy, and keeps us healthy. I just got some exercise bands, which are fun (building muscle is great for long term weight loss, as well as health) and as the weather is so nice I'm going outside more - walking, and just messing around in my back yard.
    1141 days ago
    I like your honesty. My weight fluctuates a lot daily too. I have regained about 7 pounds, and want to get moving in the right direction again. Exercise becomes enjoyable, I find, after you get involved in it daily. It's something to look forward to, because it always makes me feel better. I hope your family issues and skin issues are better now. Nice to read your blog!
    1143 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22890428
    You got this!!!! You have set very reasonable and attainable goals...I can see you meeting each one!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1144 days ago
    Blessings on your health!
    1145 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Sounds like a solid plan to me. Everyone (including me) should re-evaluate their goals from time to time. I find that I try new things to my daily food intake. (I don't like the word diet) I now plan for meals to come and make. Some are truly healthy, and then are the ones that are not. That is where I practice moderation. My hubby will eat most anything but when I got totally healthy, he gets a bit overwhelmed and starts to snack on sweets. So I incorporate his favorite dishes in the week and he's satisfied.

    We have a weekly meal with our son (he's grown and on his own) so I try and make his favorite meals, which has slight variations for me. I add more vegetables to my meal. I'll skip potatoes for a fresh salad that has quite a bit in it.

    I'm losing but at a very slow pace, which is ok with me. I'll get there someday and I'll be glad that I do.
    1145 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have no set plan when I reset my ticker.
    1145 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am cheering you on. emoticon Even if you hate exercise, take time to do 15 - 20 minutes per day. You may find that in time you will increase it. I love to exercise - diet is my biggest issue. Track every bite....I don't know if you are on challenge teams, however, they do motivate me.
    1146 days ago
    I'm so glad you're going with me on this. You've got a solid plan and I know you can do this. As for your ticker, I agree that you should figure out what keeps you motivated and works best for you. I weigh once a week and record no matter which way the scale has gone, but that keeps me accountable and usually happy. Thanks for your support. I'm glad I have a chance to return it.
    1146 days ago
    Luv the pics! So cute.

    I change my ticker if the weight hasn't gone back down in a two weeks. I sometimes just weigh once every two weeks and record that. I have found it more helpful to focus on my habits of tracking, exercising, etc instead of the pounds on the scale. It helps me to change my short term habits into long ones.

    I think you are on the right track, and I.know that emoticon


    1146 days ago
  • DOREEN45342
    Sounds like you have some really good goals. It sounds like they are doable. Good luck.
    1146 days ago
    Youe plans are good. As for changing the weight ticker, all I can say is do what will motivate you! If changing it frequently will keep you accountable, go for it. Otherwise, set a goal (whether it be weekly, monthly, whatever. Then weigh in. Whatever the weight is, reflect it on your ticker. At least that's what would work for me. we all have to figure out what's good for US.
    1146 days ago
    Wow you just made me want to blog my changes! Thank you for sharing so much. Sometimes until someone else says it you think you're the only one struggling.
    1146 days ago
    Have a great summer too! I think you have wonderful goals, and plans to achieve them. Those cable shows sound neat. I'll have to look for them too! emoticon

    My advice is that it's easier to workout in the morning, when it's cooler. But if you're in the house, that may not apply to you. Also, I only weigh once a week and put that in the tracker each time. I don't save weights for any downward trend. That would be too complicated for me, and I think would be frustrating in the end. And it's kind of fun to be congratulated for losing a lb or two, even if you've been there before!

    Maybe those shows that you are doing will be in the fitness tracker, some shows are. You might check on that. Good luck finding them! If not, you can put in what you did, or a close approximation. emoticon
    1146 days ago
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon You so deserve it too! You are a true inspiration and motivation to others and I know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish all of your goals! One step at a time! Make yourself a reward system (not with food! lol) for exercise. If you exercise 3x a week for a month treat yourself to something that maybe you normally would not do or buy for yourself. It doesn't have to be anything big either. Just something to encourage yourself! Keep hammering away. It will happen for you! I hope you have a great weekend and stay healthy! emoticon
    1146 days ago
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