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#543: Saved From a Possible House Fire, But Why?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

I guess God wants me around a while longer because I was saved with my cats from a possible house fire early this morning.

Recently the kittens discovered the fun in unraveling the paper from toilet paper rolls. I awoke early this morning and, in a daze, saw a pile of the paper alongside the knocked over trash can in the bathroom. I keep the hairdryer plugged in and hang it inside the trash can. In my slumbered state, I gathered the paper, crumpled it into a huge ball, tossed it into the empty trash can, then put the hair dryer on top of it all.

Only, I don't remember hitting the "On" switch for high heat on the dryer.

Sleepy, I returned to bed for almost another two hours when a loud noise woke me. It sounded like the bathroom's exhaust fan. Still groggy, I stumbled back into the bathroom and shut off the exhaust fan switch but that actually turned it on. I flipped it again and it turned off but the noise continued. As I turned around, I tripped over the hair dryer cord, flipping over the trash can, and knocking the hair dryer to the floor where the tip glowed red from having run on high heat for those nearly two hours. I unplugged it and grabbed the pile of toilet paper the kittens had mangled and tossed the pile into the sink; it was that hot to the touch.

What would have happened if I had not responded to the loud sound? Would the paper have caught on fire, then the rubber trash can, followed by the wood cabinets above?

We'll never know.

But what I am certain of is that God's hand was protecting us from my sleepy actions that taught me not to leave anything like that plugged in continuously again. For that I will be forever grateful.

I wondered today why we were saved. Was it so I could keep providing for stray and injured animals? Or for some totally unrelated reason?

Only one person knows that reason for sure.

Maybe one day, I will, too. emoticon
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