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Day 67: Enjoying the Weekend with Fritzy & the Dog

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Here are some pictures of the cooking Fritzy has done lately and of some of the presents he has made me/bought me that I have used to decorate my desk. He is such a wonderful son!! He is a great partner to have when it comes to fitness and healthy living. We encourage each other and motivate each other and last night when we were working out he got me to laughing so hard I could hardly do the reps!! He is really more than I ever could've asked for. I am so grateful to have him. Today we are going to probably do some chair cardio together. He's never done that with me before so I'm curious to see what he thinks of it.

Exercise is getting back on track again with Fritzy's help. He has motivated me this weekend and encouraged me to work out whether I felt like it or not. He has also been wheeling around the house with the ab wheel all weekend which is funny and he's been excited about his own Spark account and even started getting interested in eating some healthy food. I remember I first got interested in fitness when I was about ten (Fritzy is going to be 9 in March) so I would've been thrilled if my grandma had had all kinds of fitness equipment and worked out with me back then!! I lifted heavier weights last night because Fritzy encouraged me to (7 lb instead of 5 lb) and have been getting more steps now that my ankle is starting to heal up. I got new sneakers so I won't have any excuses not to be walking now!

Eating is getting back on track, too. I am starting to get more of the hang of eating without tracking my calories and working on making good choices. I have all the fruit and veggies in plain sight in the refrigerator and bought a lot of healthy snacks. I know how to make good choices and I know how to enjoy a small treat now and then and overall I know how to eat in moderation so it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm not going to focus too much on trying to monitor my eating because that doesn't work anyway. If I just eat and don't worry about it, I'll naturally make the right choices, whereas if I obsess about it then I'll start to feel deprived of sugar etc. and suddenly will feel like I'm on a diet. I'm really working on NOT planning anything out, but just making each food decision as it comes up. It really works the best for me to not be on any kind of eating plan or diet because 1) I have a history of eating disorders 2) I have an 8 year old and he wants to enjoy food with me so not being able to have birthday cake with him on his birthday or not being able to eat a candy bar he buys me for Christmas would not be acceptable. Also I don't want him to grow up fearing food. I want him to have a good attitude towards food and know that he can enjoy healthy food but he can also enjoy treats when he wants them.

I've really had a great weekend spending time with Fritzy and our Pomeranian Deucey. Whenever we go shopping we always buy something for the dog, too, and so he always gets really excited over the shopping bags because he knows something's in there for him. I am hoping to start taking the dog for walks again soon. Right now he just goes outside on his own but when my ankle heals and the ice melts in the driveway I want to start walking him again.

I'm really looking forward to summer and starting a garden again, hopefully Fritzy will get more interested in it this year. Last year I had cucumbers, which was awesome. I am hoping to do garden beans this year because they are my favourite. I am working on thinking of anything I can to encourage Fritzy to be more interested in his health.

Well, nothing too much to report this morning, just slowly getting back on track. Hope everyone else is on track, too. Keep Sparking!! emoticon
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