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Week 2, I'm Lazy and Dirty!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week 2 on my keto diet, and it’s going well. I’m down two pounds, so that’s seven pounds total since January 1. My blood glucose numbers are falling as if by magic. This week I had two fasting readings of 108, and I had a new “low” reading before dinner, after shoveling snow, of 84.
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I got some exercise this week by walking one day while running errands, and also by shoveling snow. One of my favorite meals this week was a breakfast. I put fresh spinach on a plate with some cheddar cheese, and microwaved it to melt the cheese, then topped it with avocado, crumbled bacon and scrambled eggs. And to follow-up on last week’s blog, we found a new CPA, so that stress is gone.

So, I realized this week that I’m “lazy and dirty”!
After reading more about various ways people follow a keto diet, I’m realized I’m doing what is called “lazy keto,” because I only keep track of the carbohydrates I eat, and not the fat, protein and calories. I have tracked calories on many diets in the past, entered all my food into the SparkPeople tracker, etc., and it always felt like a chore. (It is helpful information, especially to anyone new to dieting, but I’ve been dieting my whole life!). So to keep it as simple as possible this time, I just track my total carbs and keep them to under 20 grams a day. I use a food scale to weigh out portions, I read package labels, and I have a book that has the nutritional info for most foods. I just keep track on a piece of paper on my kitchen counter. I’m eating about the same amount of protein as before, so I know I’m not deficient in that (and eating too much protein raises my blood glucose, so I’m aware if I eat too much). So I feel that just counting the carbs and testing my blood glucose is enough tracking.

I’m doing “dirty” keto, because some of the foods I eat aren’t what others would consider to be okay on the classic keto plan. For example, peanut butter. I get the natural kind (only peanuts and salt). I made fat bombs that taste like mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, at 1.4 carbs each. I have one or two them as my dessert after dinner, if I want them. So a small percentage of my daily food intake may be “dirty,” but I feel like I’m eating healthy foods overall. I make 95% of my meals at home from scratch, and I do eat vegetables every day. I have read the warnings that if I continue to eat something “dirty” that I’ll end up binging, because you aren’t breaking the addiction to carbs. But I know myself, and I’m pretty good at moderation. I get into more trouble and want to rebel if you tell me I can never have a certain food again…then I’ll want to quit the diet entirely and give up.
In the end, I personally don’t care what other people call my eating plan. If people yell at me that I’m not eating keto, well okay, then I’ll call it low carb. My plan guidelines are:
1) Eat less than 20 grams of total (not net) carbohydrates a day.
2) Don’t be afraid to add fats to foods to help me feel full longer (like butter, cream, cheese,
sour cream, cream cheese, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.).
3) Eat when hungry, and don’t eat if not hungry
4) Test blood glucose fasting daily, and often before and after dinner, especially when trying
a new food combination, to make sure I maintain blood sugar control.
Of course, I can alter my plan in the future if the above stops working for me. And I understand the reasons why other people do keto differently. That’s why everyone should do what works for their tastes and personalities, and what they can do long term.
I remember reading about keto plans in the past and thinking, I could never do it. Classic keto seemed so strict and with so many rules, and that it was all or nothing, so I didn’t even want to try it. I didn’t want to fail at yet another diet plan. But now that I’ve transitioned into it, from low carb to now under 20 carbs a day, I want to encourage others not to be afraid of it if you are interested. My constant hunger went away, my cravings reduced dramatically, bloating disappeared, blood glucose improved, and I feel good!
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Thanks for reading, and I wish everyone the best with their plan and their goals!
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