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Week 11 Weigh-In Blog & Fitness Progress

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Here is a great article about working out and gaining weight: www.openfit.com/
which is what is happening to me right now. I'm thinking the bloat is temporary inflammation and also muscle gain as I have had some serious strength gains lately and am now able to use 10 lb weights in my workouts!! I was using 7 lb/5lb before and so now I will be using 10 lb/7 lbs. I mentioned in my previous blog that Fritzy and I were going to go to Dollar General yesterday but we decided not to and we're going to go to Target today instead and get some heavier weights!! I am going to just keep working out and keep moving forward, keeping doing what I'm doing and eventually the bloat will come off!! Here's my weigh-in:

Starting Weight: 281.8
Last Weigh In: 272.8
Current Weight: 275.2
Weight Lost This Week: +2.4
Total Weight Lost: 6.6

I've had 7 lbs of bloat total and had a gain two weeks in a row so hopefully my weight will start to go back down next week.

My grandpa is still in the nursing home recovering from his hip surgery and my cousin Valerie (she's 20) had hip surgery, too, she had hip dysplasia and is recovering right now she's staying with us. So lots going on here. I walked almost 6,000 steps yesterday so my sciatica is really hurting me a lot this morning. Fritzy and I also did an ab workout last night. He lost interest in the workout and wanted to lift weights cos he's so impressed with the fact that I can lift 10 lb weights now, but as I was doing the ab work, I could really feel my muscles working compared to previous times doing the workout. I'm really feeling muscles developing in my arms and abs now even if I still have so much fat in them!! I may have a long way to go but I feel like I've really done a great job so far.

Fitness progress that I've made in 11 weeks: --went from 1 lb to 10 lb weights
--started doing chair cardio and the poses went from being super difficult to being able to do them all along with her.
--started doing ab work and can now feel more strength in my core, have better posture, look better in clothes.
--developing muscle in my biceps

People are starting to make comments, too, about my looks, how good I look and people are getting more and more interested in my workouts now that they see how much the workouts have been doing for me. Now I may not have the numbers on the scale that some people do, but that doesn't mean I haven't made any progress!!
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