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As Jack Nicholson said in the Shining, "I'm back!"

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I wanted to title this blog, As Arnold Says, "I'm Back!" but he said, "I'll be back."
So, I had to stick with a catch phrase from a Stephen King novel.

I never start a new year's resolution on Jan. 1st. I have to ease into my new year's resolution.

One of my sisters helped me start back to an exercise routine by starting a 7 day challenge here on SP which I was, fortunately, included in. (Thanks, Sis.)

It really helped me ease back into exercise which has helped raise my serotonin enough that I am making better food decisions...not turning to the salty treats for comfort. Well, another reason for turning away from salty foods is due to a visit to the doctor where my bp was up a little and I know the salty snacks I'd been turning to for comfort were the culprits. Once I cut them out my bp improved. And exercise improves it even more.

Now, do I still eat salt? Yes, I don't add it to my food anymore at home (I hid the salt) but it is still in almost everything. One example is the chicken I cook (I don't put salt on the chicken, Mrs. Dash is fine, but they inject sodium into raw chicken.)

We should not be eating over 2300 mg. of sodium a day. If I eat at home I can keep it under, sometimes substantially. But if I eat out it's easy to go over the 2300 mg. And my doctor told me to cut all salt. Yikes! How to do that?

You can tell me if I'm wrong but the other day I checked to see which had more sodium. I ate a McDonald's Southwest Salad with grilled chicken and Newman's Own Light Balsamic Dressing. I wanted to compare it to a quarter pounder. Don't quote me on this but I think it was the salad. I can believe it if sodium is infused into the raw chicken plus there are those little tortilla strips on the salad and the balsamic dressing. It makes sense.

I still would rather have the salad. I'm not a big burger eater. But I have to track the sodium and try hard to keep it under 2300 mg. Less than 2300 mg. would please me even more. No sodium would please my doctor even more.

Hopefully, I will get into the routine of logging onto SP, mainly because I like to spin the wheel and I love bonus spins. But also, because I know it is proven to work in my case. When I use SP, I lose. When I get into the habit of skipping it, I slip back into bad habits.

So, "I'm back!" Now, let's keep it that way!

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