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70 and free to be me - happy and healthy

Friday, February 15, 2019

Birthday # 70 has come and gone and I am embracing it and trying to age with grace and JOY!! I have an abundant life and want to live it fully !!!
Going to continue same goals I have had in the past - desiring to lose weight but content with present as long as it I as healthy as I can make it and still enjoy living!
Tracking foods 6 days a week with alternate goals for 1200calories and 50 carbs on Tues, Thurs, Sat. and low days of 500-600 calories and 20-30 carbs. Intermittent fasting of 12 to14 hours has become quite comfortable and I see it as healthy - not wanting to go longer with pre-diabetic diagnosis, heart issues and meeting the needs and joys of being a helpmate to my sweet husband of 40 years.
Gluten free, sugar free, low carb and higher healthy fats with less than half of them saturated and moderate, lean proteins. Lots of low carb veggies so those that grow above the ground, few fruits and berries are good. Basic low-inflammation or anti-inflammatory food choices.
Mobility goals continue to be pedometer for 2500 to 4000 steps per day - if more than that add extra water and potassium/magnesium. I have access to stationary bike and gentle rebounding. goal of 2- flights of 13 stairs per day. Advancing neuropathy means very careful but also need to use it or lose it. At least one cane most of the time and not shy about using two or the walker if needed.

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