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Week 7, Normal Hemoglobin A1C On Keto!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hi everyone! The blog title says it all...my latest hemoglobin A1C is 5.6, which puts me in the "non-diabetic" range, or the normal range!
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The hemoglobin A1C blood test is a good indicator of your average blood glucose readings over the prior three months. Three months ago I was doing low carb and my number was 6.1. Being on keto since January 1, it has improved even more, and I'm in the normal range. I honestly never thought that would be possible for me, especially so quickly! I have a sister with out-of-control diabetes, and her A1C levels are around 12.5. I was so afraid that this would be my fate as well, due to genetics. But now I see that diet has a huge impact on your glucose numbers, and I feel like I've learned the key to keeping those numbers low. I'm eating less than 25 grams of total carbohydrates per day, and seeing results, and this makes me very happy!
I saw my doctor this week, and he was also surprised at the normal A1C, and asked me how I did it! I also had lost 9 pounds since my last visit, so he was happy to see that. We discussed the metformin I take for diabetes, and he said I could cut the dose in half. I should continue testing my blood sugars at home, and if they remain good on half the dose of metformin, I could stop it altogether. It would be nice to stop taking a medicine every day!
All of my other labs were great, except for one. I kind of expected it...the LDL cholesterol. It rose about 15 points, to 105. My HDL cholesterol also went up (which is good), and my triglycerides dropped over 40 points, which is wonderful! I personally don't think the LDL is so bad, but the doctor says we'll watch it, and test again in six months and also have a coronary calcium scan done. I'll blog another day about cholesterol testing and all the controversy about the guidelines for statins, etc....I have to research and learn more about it all. For now, I'll continue on the statin that I had been taking.
I also am happy to say the scale finally moved again after staying the same for almost a month, and I'm down two pounds, to 201. I am excited to be getting close to Onederland! I know it may take a month to get there, but that's okay...slow and steady, but I will get there! I've lost 9.5 pounds since January 1.
I'll share two new recipe ideas that I thought were really good. One was for stuffed mushrooms. You brown sausage, onion, and the stems of the mushrooms in a skillet, add cream cheese, and then use this to stuff the mushrooms. Put them under the broiler or in the oven until heated through. The other dish was for chicken parmesan. I put chicken tenders in a beaten egg with some cream and herbs and spices for a few hours to marinate. For the breading, I mixed together almond flour, grated parmesan cheese, and more herbs and spices, and coated the chicken with it. I browned them in a skillet with bacon fat just to brown the outside (not cooked through). In a glass baking dish, I buttered it, put down some Rao's spaghetti sauce (it is low carb), put in the browned chicken tenders, topped with the left over almond flour/parmesan cheese mix, topped with mozzarella cheese, and then the rest of the jar of sauce, and baked it until it was bubbly and brown on top.
In addition to the doctor's appointment, I've had a busy week, so I haven't been on SparkPeople very much. I apologize to SparkFriends for not being in communication, but I know everyone understands how it goes...life gets busy, then you get sick or something (I had a cold and days of migraines), and then suddenly everything seems overwhelming just getting caught up with chores and work. I still feel behind, and there is yet another snowstorm happening tomorrow. And I have to work on tax paperwork for our accountant's meeting in two weeks! So I'll Spark when I have time, but please know that I will check in when I can, and I am thinking of all of my SparkFriends and encouraging you with your goals! Thanks for reading.
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