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Focusing on a 5 Pound Short Term Goal

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Today I made the decision to log onto SP and set myself a serious short term goal. I weigh 5 pounds less than I did a month before Christmas. I dieted before Christmas and lost approximately 7-8 pounds. After Christmas I went back up, teetering around that 5 pound mark. I got a little serious and for weeks, maybe even a month or so I've kept that 5 pounds off.

When I lost the weight before Christmas, it wasn't actually dieting, per se. It was healthy eating and normal portion sizes.

Why is that not the norm for me? I go through periods where it is the norm, sometimes even years, but, unfortunately, I begin that slip and slide back into "not the best choices" and definitely eating more food than I need.

The time of day that is killing me (and I mean that as much literally as figuratively) is the time when I can finally sit back and relax. I watch something like Blue Bloods or This Is Us and grade papers (which is mostly listening........thank goodness for pause and rewind so I can go back in case I miss something.) Unfortunately, I am obsessing about food during this time. What can I eat? I try to make healthy choices but even healthy choices are not healthy when I eat too, too much.

The main thing keeping me from going back up to my all time high is my pledge NEVER to leave Onederland ever, ever, ever again.
If you have a goal to reach Onederland, know that you can do it. You can!

Another thing that helps is that I have given up:
cookies, candy, cake, pie, doughnuts, ice cream, bars, etc. Processed food high in sugar, fat, and sodium.

But one day I was offered a couple fig newtons and I accepted. And one day I bought a 90% cacao dark chocolate bar. (Could I just eat one square a day? No. I ate 3 a day which is a portion size but comes with a considerable amount of saturated fat.) So, after the fig newton and dark chocolate days I decided to get back to my rules which include no cookies and candy.)

You might say, "Oh, but you shouldn't deprive yourself." Well, I'm at the age I should deprive myself. Why? Because if I allow myself to eat the foods I listed above, I will not stop. I know this to be true of myself. I have years of experience proving it to be so. The fig newton and dark chocolate bar would escalate into carnage. Candy aisles and doughnut shops would tremble at my approach. Store owners would dance with glee in the aisles. "More profit from just another over-eating American."

Giving up the sweets listed above was easy. Salt is harder. Yesterday I ate baked goldfish. I can give up ice cream which I used to love more than life itself. Why can't I do the same with crunchy, salty food. I've never been much of a chip or french fry eater. Sometimes I give up salty foods but there are days I crave them. Again, it's not so much that I eat them, it's the portion size.

I try to eat airpop popcorn when I need something crunchy. But if I am still at work after a long day and walk into the lounge and the baked goldfish (that have been there for weeks) suddenly call out to me, I finally fall prey to the temptation. My rule, "Do not eat junkfood found in the lounge." goes out the window. But that is a rule I must return to immediately and adhere to with no give or take. If that rule isn't kept, I will be back weighing over 200 pounds. That is not going to happen. Why do skinny people bring junkfood into the lounge and leave it there?

God give me strength on this journey!

So, I logged on today to put this commitment in writing.

Goal 1: 5 pounds
Goal 2: another 5 pounds
Goal 3: another 5 pounds
Goal 4: 3.5 pounds

But, for now, is all I care about is that first 5 pound goal.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    164 days ago
    I can't lose my last 5 lbs for anything. But I won't let it get me down.
    857 days ago
    My issue is if I don't have access to a little bit of chocolate, then I eat the salty crackers. I like to allow myself that little bit otherwise my cravings are ridiculous and I try to find anything to eat. Good luck on the 5 pounds!
    857 days ago
  • KITT52
    Find a plan that works for YOU..
    We are all different.. good luck.
    858 days ago
    hey i do keto. no bread. fruit. popcorn. just whole, real food..and yeah sometimes i miss it. but i dont miss the 140 pounds i lost doing it. or the pills i no longer have to take. or the hunger. or cravings. they go away with keto.
    my bad time of day was 3 pm. i would fight and fight and then give in. then try again the next day. i tried the so called healthy snacks. i tried nothing. i tried giving myself the carbs i craved. nothing worked.
    imagine my surprise when i started keto..and 3 days into it my 3 pm binges were no longer. GONE. we are all so addicted to carbs its not funny. ALL carbs. and a carb is a carb is a carb to your body..it cant tell the difference between fruit carbs and table sugar carbs.
    never thought i'd EVER break that 3 pm problem. but i did..thank goodness!! you can do it!
    858 days ago
    858 days ago
    Good for you! You can do it!
    Don't you think maybe that skinny people bring food to get it out of their houses too?
    That maybe it could become a problem for them too? Or that they know it's not the healthiest choice,but they don't want to throw it out? I worked at a bank for 30 years and people always brought the food the didn't want at home, knowing the staff there would eat it.
    I like your rules. We each have to know what works best for us. And after years of overeating in my body, I too know what I just should completely avoid. I can do moderation in some things. Other foods, it's best to not even tempt myself.
    Have a good week. I know you will lose the 5 pounds and then the next 5 pounds...
    858 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    Hooray for your determination and that is a good idea--making a short term goal to lose 5#, then more once you reach that!! .. I am getting rid of all the yucky carbs--with starting a "Low starch diet" and I have to say I am SO ready!!! .. good for you putting your goal in writing and I am sure God will give you the strength needed!!
    858 days ago
    858 days ago
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