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Cherry Picking Time!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our oldest DD lives on 6 beautiful acres out in the country. They have planted lots of fruit trees and wonderful gardens. The cherries are ripe now and with all the rain we are getting this year we have to gather when we can! Monday was perfect for that. I picked and pitted 4 pounds of cherries on that day. Now in the freezer ready to go. These are the sour cherries and are so good with oatmeal. I will bake DH a pie for Father's Day of course. There are still a lot more cherries on that tree, but my neck and shoulders were so very sore from having my arms in the air while on a ladder, that I took yesterday off. It rained last night, so the feet of the ladder might sink into the ground today. I will see how this afternoon looks before making a decision whether to go out to get more. The cherry season comes and goes quickly!

Blueberry season started yesterday. We have a Berry Farm close by that tries to be as organic as possible, so we will be trying to get out there too. But again the ground needs to be dry. I feel so lucky to have all this fresh produce right around me!

On a sadder note, my grandson's other grandmother died a little more than a week ago. I thought of her as a friend and we took some trips together to the lake house with our kids, her son and our daughter, and the much loved grandson! She taught me to do the turns on the heels of socks when knitting, and cooking together. She was an interior decorator by trade and I admired her very much. While picking cherries my 9 yr old grandson asked me if I was healthy. It brought tears to my eyes which I tried to hide. He is missing her terribly and checking to be sure I will be around for a long time. I told him how I was doing everything I can to stay healthy and keep PaPa (DH) healthy too. I made that commitment the day he was born! He seemed very pleased to hear that. Now to follow through on that and get back to exercising regularly!

Still slowly trying to clean on the house and eliminate some of the things we have collected over so many years. I want to be ready when we think it is time to go into an apartment or condo. Going from a four bedroom with full basement to a two bedroom apartment sounds impossible to me! How do people do it? I watched my mother-in-law prepare for that years ago. I admire her more now than ever! I would love to just stay here, but not sure that is wise. I guess I will know when the time comes. For now cleaning out closets is a good choice.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring in their part of the world!
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  • DESIREE672
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your son’s grandmother and friend. It’s precious when one gets along with in-laws.

    There is a refreshing feeling about paring stuff down - especially if we don’t have a special reason to keep them.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    741 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    My grandmother had cherry trees, and gooseberry bushes, rhubarb and many other things in her yard so back in the days when women were not usually full time career women there were always goodies at her home. And SO good. Things are so different nowadays and actually I am very glad they are....it's easier for me to be careful!

    741 days ago
    How wonderful to be able to pick fresh fruit. I would not be able to do it as I can't lift my arms above my shoulders, they are worn out. I so wish I could get some of that rain. We are in the second year of a severe drought -we had no moisture in either April or May and are only getting spotty light showers that don't last long now. Our river is at its lowest flow ever as our neighbor province is also having a drought and we depend on run off from their mountains. Fruit for us has to come at least 1000 miles away. We do get berries and crabs here.
    So very sorry for your loss of your mother-in-law, she sounded like an amazing woman. I have had to move in to successfully smaller apartments the last three moves. I am down to the bare minimum in furniture and possessions. I have a twin bed, dresser, computer desk and comfort chair and that is it. The bedroom space is only ten feet by ten feet and I could not fit my adjustable bed around the very tight corner so had to use the living room for my bedroom. I am not one for knick knacks or clutter so it wasn't too bad to move to smaller. The rule of thumb is if you haven't used something in five years, you should get rid of it. My relatives got my loveseat and kitchen table and chairs and anything else usable went to charity. I had too much clothing to fit the tiny space and that was the hardest to deal with as I had more cold weather bulky clothing that doesn't fit very well into small spaces. We have a much longer cold season than warm. It really makes you think about what you truly need.
    My Mom and stepdad keep waffling about moving to a condo. Even though their large 50 foot lot is difficult to upkeep with their increasing frailty, they both love being outdoors and enjoy the river view. My Mom had a bad fall that set her back and she is letting me help her with some things, but not enough. She too is slowly getting rid of things, either giving them to relatives or charity. I would miss very much their house and its close access to the river trails. Their house is on very valuable property on a desired court -they keep having people asking if they would sell- so they would have no problem with that.
    I wish you luck downsizing -take it one step at a time, one room at a time..
    742 days ago
    Bless you for your purging ways! My mother would have taken everything and compacted it some way into her two-bedroom apartment. I'm still dealing with it after having to move her into one room in the assisted living section of her home.
    742 days ago
    We picked cherries off our tree last week. Made pies and jams with them and have a few for the freezer too. Our blueberries are just starting to ripen. We will be netting the bushes today so the birds don't get them. Last year we got over 40 pounds. This year the bushes don't look as full but I'll take every last one...I love blueberries.

    Sorry to hear about your family's loss.
    742 days ago
    Many years ago I was facing foot surgery and could barely walk due to pain. I read about how cherries are a great inflammation fighter and started eating some every day. My foot got better and I never had to have the surgery. Enjoy.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    742 days ago
    I love both cherries and blueberries. We grow them too.

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend/in-law. I feel for your grandson. We lost most of my family in a 3 period so it was rough on me and my son who was in junior high. You and your hubby are going to have to stay around as long as possible for your grandson.

    We are trying to downsize too.
    742 days ago
    This phase of life, as we transition to the thought that "we're next" can be a bit daunting, can't it? The emotions of children, losing some of their immortals, and wanting to be comforted that those remaining won't abandon them before they are ready. The sad truth, that they hopefully will learn many, many years from now, is that we're never quite ready, even when we think we are.

    Condolences on your family's loss, and may you be comforted by the brightness of good memories.

    As for preparing to downsize? It seems to be a multi-year project, and in some ways endless.

    Enjoy that cherry pie for your DH... I have fond memories of when we lived in a home with a cherry tree in the back yard... several pies from that and from the rhubarb, too. It is so convenient when you have your own growing right there. emoticon
    742 days ago
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